TV Show Recommendations – If You Like Jane The Virgin…

TV series’ like Jane The Virgin are full of feels. They bag the family drama, romance and self-growth aspects like a pro! JTV, in particular, is one of my all time favourites. Not just because Jane’s character is super easy to relate to, but because of how well Gina Rodriguez brings that character to life and makes you want to be a part of her family. Watching the three (extremely short for my liking) seasons was a journey full of retrospection and wistful musings, for a TV show junkie like me. The manner in which her attitude towards life, passions, morals have been delineated allows us to believe in the power of perseverance and unity. It mirrors the success she ultimately experiences, while teaching us how wonderful it is to aspire. Hell, she doesn’t even let an unplanned insemination get in the way of her becoming an author! You couldn’t possibly have a better excuse than hers.

Here are some other television shows that grant us our daily dose of dramatic goodness, while urging us to follow our dreams:

  • The Carrie Diaries- Carrie Bradshaw knows how to take risks. When her law internship appears bleak in comparison to the job next door at Interview magazine, she jumps at the chance. With her charm, diligence and wit, she persuades Larissa, the editor to give her a full time job. Living the high life in Manhattan, Carrie comes to terms with making difficult choices with regards to education, friendship, love and family. The Carrie Diaries makes you fall in love with life all over again.

  • Younger – This is an endearing story of 40 going on 20. Liza, a divorced mother, realizes that while she was living her life as a wife and a mother, her career slipped out of her grasp. Now that she is ready to resume work in the publishing field, nobody wants to hire a 40 year old. So what does she do? She rebuilds her identity as a 26 year old, trying to fit into a world she had left behind. Her zeal for life is magically renewed donning this “younger” skin. Younger is a hearty TV series that explores the publishing industry through the eyes of Liza’s double persona.

  • Girlboss- Sophia is an eccentric character, barely surviving on her own. She has cut off all ties with family and friends alike, keeping only Annie (her bestfriend) by her side. She lucks out when a thrift shopping episode opens her eyes to the world of vintage fashion. After much deliberation, struggle and self-doubt, her eBay store gains momentum, with her refurbishing and selling vintage clothes. In the span of the 13 part series, we see Sophia unfurl and become a much better version of herself. She is a testament to what dedication to one’s job looks like. There’s a good deal of humor, sass and fashion in this show to make you want to binge watch.

  • Famous in Love – Paige, an ambitious college student, swings by a movie audition simply because her bestfriend insisted. Now, she has landed the lead role in the movie and has no idea how to juggle between her normal life and the one behind all the glitz and glamor. Friendships fall through the roof as new ones reserve a spot in her life. Does following one’s heart have to be so expensive?

  • The Bold Type – Three bestfriends, Jane, Sutton and Kat work for Scarlet magazine as an article writer, social media manager and fashion aspirant respectively. In a highly competitive and talent-driven world, these women experience the highs and lows of baring their soul to the society. You see, the devil may always come to collect his prize, but the social media trolls make life in hell look like a vacation. Filled with work woes, swoon-worthy relationships and mesmerizing shots of NYC, The Bold Type is quickly making its way up my favourites list.

There’s more than two months left for Jane The Virgin’s next season; enough time to indulge in the above mentioned lovelies. They are overflowing with empowered women and drool-inducing career paths. As a media graduate, writer and avid reader, these shows are my calling; their locations are undoubtedly made of Siren songs. Let me know if I’ve missed out any other TV shows that inspire you to give your absolute best each day. We all need such feel-good, quality content!


Being Humane

With all that is happening in the world (I’m sure you don’t need pointers), I’ve become more shrouded. More sceptical when something too-good-to-be-true happens.  I know life is all rainbows and flowers if you try hard enough, but  there’s nothing to be done about the oncoming tempest.  So when you are on the receiving end of a nice gesture, you can feel some of the cynicism melting away. You know that there are still people out there who are nice without a reason, without an ulterior motive. Lately I’ve come across a couple of instances where random strangers have gone out of their way to be nice to me. They didn’t have to. They just did, out of sincerity and a good heart. Nobody was strangling them to make that extra effort and be kind. Nobody would shun them for walking away. The fact that they were courteous enough to stay and help, immediately puts them in my good books (of random people, I am probably never going to meet again). Its this kind of behaviour that ought to be reciprocated. They know what it’s like to be vulnerable. And so in everyday situations they help others who appear helpless. They may have done some terrible things in life but then again, for that one moment, that instance, they were considerate . They were unconditionally humane.

I see a glimmer of hope. And I see, some of my scepticism fading away. After all, it takes a spark to ignite the fire. It takes one person among a million to lead kindly light. 



Change is the one thing that you can expect for sure – from people, from circumstances and life in general. It’s frequent and it’s constant. Though the catalysts to change may vary, everything undergoes change at some point of its existence.

Sometimes you expect something from a person and they turn out to be the exact opposite. Sometimes what we see is not what really is.They say, seeing is believing but usually what meets the eye often falls short of the bigger picture. We believe what we want and this adds to the growing delusion.

With the passing of time, people change. In the blink of an eye, the person you perceived as closest to you is suddenly the farthest. Whatever the reason, good or bad, its inevitable. Maybe with time, it’ll become easier to accept the change. But then again, if you don’t let it pass, it might continue to haunt you for as long as you let it. I’ve been there, done that! So I know how it is, at first. Getting accustomed with something, only to have it snatched away from you, the very next day. But we’ll all move past the awkwardness of that. Just know – what’s no more – was never meant to be.

Change is healthy, so welcome it. It’ll help you turn over a new leaf.  It’ll make sure you’re at the right place at the right time. For new beginnings, its essential to douse the fire and toss aside the ashes. And let new saplings grow over crumbled ground. I know it’s easier said than done. But try 🙂 That’s best thing one can do…just try, wholeheartedly! 🙂


Moment of Anticipation

It couldn’t have dragged out any longer. For every time I inhaled and exhaled, the clock seemed to move thrice as slow. The anticipation of waiting for my results was excruciatingly nerve racking. My mind seemed to be all over the place, unable to stay on a topic for more than a couple of seconds. Any longer and I would have felt like an actress in a silent movie. Heart pounding faster than what seemed to be the speed of light, I’d make a painstaking effort to not refresh the page (our results were to be declared online) every second. And hope against hope, that somehow I’d get to see what I was expecting. Impracticality and wishful thinking were high on my list at that time. But to justify that, I knew I had worked hard so wishing for a little more didn’t seem unfair. In all sincerity, I knew I would get or rather I should get what I deserved. Nothing more nothing less. The countdown was buzzing in my mind unceasingly. Like an alarm clock with a damaged stop button. Every second, every minute was a constant reminder.

Seeing but not feeling. I’d observe my immediate surrounding. But my brain, too busy with thoughts of what I’d most likely see, was unable to process. I have always been sort of impatient. I never liked waiting. But this situation was clearly out of my hands. It was like a practical joke on me! I’m naturally a very hyper active person. So obviously all the adrenaline and hyper-activeness didn’t need an invitation this time. It was like an overdose of Redbull. Trying to come up with “what-ifs” about the future is the worst thing you can do to torment yourself. And my brain apparently loved scrutinising me! It just wouldn’t stop thinking about what grades I would get.

After what felt like I’d grown really old really fast, the results were up! And instantaneously my eyes closed of their own accord, my heart skipped a beat and a very heavy rock seemed to have settled comfortably in my throat. No doubt I’d been waiting for this moment all my academic year. But all of a sudden the queasiness wouldn’t pass. Gathering every ounce of will power and gulping down the positivity potion, I peaked. Just one eye. What I first saw didn’t seem so bad! Then slowly realization dawned upon me. I had actually scored better than what I had anticipated in some areas but not that great in one other. But at that moment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude (to the Almighty) and a sense of warmth filled me. Reap what you sow. Fate. Destiny. Miracle. I believe in it all. My hard-work paid off and that is the most important part. Albeit I’d like to have gotten a bit more (Ambition!), for now,  its enough. Next step, shall aim for more and work more 🙂 A BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their wishes and prayers.

There’s a path I’ve chosen and I’ll walk with my head held high despite the difficulties. 🙂