TV Show Recommendations – If You Like Jane The Virgin…

TV series’ like Jane The Virgin are full of feels. They bag the family drama, romance and self-growth aspects like a pro! JTV, in particular, is one of my all time favourites. Not just because Jane’s character is super easy to relate to, but because of how well Gina Rodriguez brings that character to life and makes you want to be a part of her family. Watching the three (extremely short for my liking) seasons was a journey full of retrospection and wistful musings, for a TV show junkie like me. The manner in which her attitude towards life, passions, morals have been delineated allows us to believe in the power of perseverance and unity. It mirrors the success she ultimately experiences, while teaching us how wonderful it is to aspire. Hell, she doesn’t even let an unplanned insemination get in the way of her becoming an author! You couldn’t possibly have a better excuse than hers.

Here are some other television shows that grant us our daily dose of dramatic goodness, while urging us to follow our dreams:

  • The Carrie Diaries- Carrie Bradshaw knows how to take risks. When her law internship appears bleak in comparison to the job next door at Interview magazine, she jumps at the chance. With her charm, diligence and wit, she persuades Larissa, the editor to give her a full time job. Living the high life in Manhattan, Carrie comes to terms with making difficult choices with regards to education, friendship, love and family. The Carrie Diaries makes you fall in love with life all over again.

  • Younger – This is an endearing story of 40 going on 20. Liza, a divorced mother, realizes that while she was living her life as a wife and a mother, her career slipped out of her grasp. Now that she is ready to resume work in the publishing field, nobody wants to hire a 40 year old. So what does she do? She rebuilds her identity as a 26 year old, trying to fit into a world she had left behind. Her zeal for life is magically renewed donning this “younger” skin. Younger is a hearty TV series that explores the publishing industry through the eyes of Liza’s double persona.

  • Girlboss- Sophia is an eccentric character, barely surviving on her own. She has cut off all ties with family and friends alike, keeping only Annie (her bestfriend) by her side. She lucks out when a thrift shopping episode opens her eyes to the world of vintage fashion. After much deliberation, struggle and self-doubt, her eBay store gains momentum, with her refurbishing and selling vintage clothes. In the span of the 13 part series, we see Sophia unfurl and become a much better version of herself. She is a testament to what dedication to one’s job looks like. There’s a good deal of humor, sass and fashion in this show to make you want to binge watch.

  • Famous in Love – Paige, an ambitious college student, swings by a movie audition simply because her bestfriend insisted. Now, she has landed the lead role in the movie and has no idea how to juggle between her normal life and the one behind all the glitz and glamor. Friendships fall through the roof as new ones reserve a spot in her life. Does following one’s heart have to be so expensive?

  • The Bold Type – Three bestfriends, Jane, Sutton and Kat work for Scarlet magazine as an article writer, social media manager and fashion aspirant respectively. In a highly competitive and talent-driven world, these women experience the highs and lows of baring their soul to the society. You see, the devil may always come to collect his prize, but the social media trolls make life in hell look like a vacation. Filled with work woes, swoon-worthy relationships and mesmerizing shots of NYC, The Bold Type is quickly making its way up my favourites list.

There’s more than two months left for Jane The Virgin’s next season; enough time to indulge in the above mentioned lovelies. They are overflowing with empowered women and drool-inducing career paths. As a media graduate, writer and avid reader, these shows are my calling; their locations are undoubtedly made of Siren songs. Let me know if I’ve missed out any other TV shows that inspire you to give your absolute best each day. We all need such feel-good, quality content!


May Photo A Day – Fave thing to do on a Sunday

I have a bunch of things I like to do on Sundays which includes waking up late, reading till my hearts content, watching episode after episode of tv-shows I missed during the week. In other words I fully utilise my day, every second of it, do to what I’ve been yearning to do throughout the week.


That’s  a snap of my tab (as you can all see) which has lived through countless fantasies and thrillers and accompanied me along joyous rides of the literary world. It is second to oxygen for me 😀


May Photo A Day – 7 o’clock

7 o’clock – that’s the challenge for today. So I have to post a picture of what I was doing at either 7 am or 7 pm. With the holidays going on, I don’t really have a schedule or a time table for my daily routine. Today I happened to be watching 90210 online. Unfortunately since I don’t have access to the CW channel, I have to depend on online streaming sites to get my daily dose of drama. 😀

Here’s a snap of Annie spending some quality time with Silver and (them) building up each others’ self-esteem.



Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers

Hey people! How have you all been doing? 🙂
So I am back with another k-drama review. Please enjoy it!

Boys Over Flowers is a show that revolves around the prestigious Shinwa High School’s  popular group known as the F4 (Flower Four?). This group consists of 4 very rich, very spoilt and extremely good looking boys (Goo Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, Song Woo Bin, So Yi Jung) who consider themselves high and mighty (above all in the school). But when newcomer Geum Jan Di doesn’t comply to their orders and doesn’t submit to their torture, these boys are left bewildered! Never having seen such a courageous and upright person, leader of the pack – Jun Pyo, becomes fascinated with her and soon develops a soft spot.  Alas! The sensitive Ji Hoo is also looking out for gutsy Jan Di and they seemed to have formed a strong bond. Will Jun Pyo be able to get through to her before Ji Hoo sweeps her off her feet?!

From the first episode, I fell in love with this show. I mean, what’s not to love?! I keep wondering how lucky they are for having cast these 4 guys. Each of them is absolutely stunning! I think the TRP for the drama catapulted mainly because of the actors and the line of plot they chose!
Lee Min Ho plays the part of arrogant, egoistic Jun Pyo, perfectly. Kim Hyun Joong has nailed the part of charismatic Ji Hoo especially since in a report I read him saying he is totally different from the character. Kim Joon fit the role of Woo Bin well, though I wish they’d shown more about his life. I’d look forward to those moments when he’d go all “Yo Yo Man!” 😀 And Kim Bum couldn’t have done better justice to role of aesthetic Yi Jung. I have seen some of the bloopers and he seemed like a very humorous guy as in he would crack up in between shots. It always made me laugh. Moving on to the one girl who turned their lives upside down 😛 Geum Jan Di. She is a very strong willed character, a brave-heart one could say. She is the kind of girl who wouldn’t deal with any nonsense and believes in standing up for what is right no matter the cost. Ku Hye Sun totally kicked butt as Jan Di. She is fierce and also very amiable. Her bold nature makes her stand out in the crowd. There are times when she is caught between the 2 friends (Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo) but at end she knows where she belongs. Chu Ga Eul is Jan Di’s best friend and falls for Yi Jung. For love, she is ready to go to any extent (in a positive way!). She helps out Yi Jung as much as she can.

The storyline is absolutely wonderful! Its based on a manga and I hear, there are several versions of it in different languages. I wish they would have avoided the love triangle. Its does no justice to anyone! There were quite a few times I wanted to shake Jan Di and be like “make up your mind woman!!” 😛
I didn’t think I would say this, but I can totally watch the show all over again! Its that amazing! And there were times when the boys would swoop in to save Jan Di from trouble – I totally got into cheerleader mode, screaming and hooting. My 2nd favourite couple(1st being  Jun Pyo and Jan Di ofcourse) is Ga Eul and Yi Jung (right). They are just so adorable together. Not much action there but at the end we come to know they have decided to stick together and that’s great! She would make a very caring girlfriend.

Overall, just mind-blowing and very addicting. As the 2nd k-drama, I’m glad I chose this one! Hope you watch it.. if you haven’t already! 😀

Rating – 5 stars!!


Bidding Adieu To Our Beloved Gossip Girl

 With the 10th episode of Season 6, the widely popular series, Gossip Girl, comes to an abrupt end. To some, it may not seem so sudden. After all six seasons are no less when compared to some of the short-run TV shows like The Secret Circle, Jane By Design, Made in Jersey.
Fans all over, are bewailing the discontinuation of such a mind blowing TV show. When asked about the same, one such fan responds, “It is impossible to digest the fact that, I wont be having my weekly dose of Chuck and Blair’s love-hate relationship anymore!”

It truly is hard to process that all these years of getting to know the characters (Nate, Dan, Serena, Jenny, Chuck, Blair, Georgina, Vanessa) has drawn to a stop. No longer will we hear, the witty, sarcastic, know-it-all Gossip Girl with her knowledgeable insight on everyone in Upper East Side. At the same time, we can presume that the lives of the residents in UES will continue on a positive note without any interference from an overly snobby character, out to ruin everyone’s life.

The identity of GG was revealed in the last episode, and mind you, it was a total shocker! Who would have assumed that the game was being played, all along, from the inside. A smart move! I for one, couldn’t believe my eyes :O

And just when we’d thought that UES had finally gotten rid of Gossip Girl, the producers prove us wrong once again, by concluding the show with a dialogue by our very own Gossip Girl! “You may be rid of _____________, but you will never be rid of me, there will always be someone on the outside wanting to get in. Who am I now? That’s one secret I’ll never tell…xoxo Gossip Girl”

SO as much as we want to hold onto this show forever, we can’t. All good things must come to an end. And so does Gossip Girl 😦
We’d like to thank Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and all others for their unceasing commitment and hard work that has made Mondays so enjoyable! You all will be missed greatly! 🙂



Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Suspect List

With 28th August not that far off , I cant help but ponder over what the summer finale is going to reveal or rather, what its going to offer us PPL fans.
The pre-finale episode has got me all hyper and the excitement bubbling in my tummy refuses to die down. Every episode discloses a major part of the puzzle and yet! that is not enough. Every episode stops exactly at the climax and leaves us yearning for some more.
So I figured I might use the excitement to cook up a suspect list (As that is the fun part of every thriller/suspense story)
Lets see! Who do we have here (apart from Mona)….

1) Jenna  Marshall






Everyone knows Jenna has never been too fond of the PPL girls. Why wouldn’t she want to seek revenge on them for the torture that she had to undergo during Alisons reign. Plus she was there (in Noel Kahn’s cabin) the night Maya got murdered. Yes yes, I know, she had just arrived when Maya was caught from the front lawn. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t get somebody else to do the dirty work for her. All the lies, the taunts, the secrets that she is hiding definitely put her under the limelight.

2) Paige McCullers

She is definitely a new comer, who until yesterday was never the topic of discussion. I had not even thought about her being a potential suspect till the past 2 episodes. But everything that has been said about her, all the little little details do add up to make her look guilty enough (if not for murdering Maya, then for something else surely).  She detested Ali and she certainly wasn’t Maya’s biggest fan. The sneek peak for the midseason finale episode shows her threatening Spencer (and the others). Why would you be so keen on separating the 3  girls from Emily unless you had something to hide?

3) Lucas Gottesman

He has been such a fishy character always. I was a little hesitant to put him on this list because characters who are outrightly fishy from the beginning are often the innocent ones. It could be a misfortune, it could be that he is at the wrong place , wrong time. But something just doesn’t click right with him. Being called hermi (?) by Ali , being turned down by the prettiest girl in school could have all been catalysts which convinced him that getting back at these girls was the right thing to do. Plus he is a geek. So it could be that he does all the computer work for the leader of the A-team.

There is so much more about all of the above characters that puts them under suspicion. I have just mentioned the key reasons why they could be part of the A-team. Then there are bits of information about others, which raises a question mark but not enough evidence to put them on the list. Like why Ezra Fitz was in the Halloween party all those years ago but never mentioned a thing about it to Aria? He could have only been in the party if he knew someone right? So which acquaintance is he hiding?
Why was Melissa Hastings part of the video from Ali’s room? What is she covering behind a veil of secrets? Could she have abhorred Ali  so much that she decided to get rid of her?  Was she telling the truth about the Black Swan thing?

So many questions and so little answers! Just when I had thought they caught A – and all the answers would be unveiled – they made all this a very minute part of the bigger picture. Anyhow, I love PLL with all my heart. So a shout out to the writers and cast “LONG LIVE PLL!” Let the game of deception resume!