The Thing About Confidence is That…

It is seeded in thyself
And watered by others.


It is weeded by failure
And altered by changes.


You turn away,
And only look within,
Are you doomed to
A withering confidence?


It is a concoction,
Of others and you.


Situations and actions
Hath more to do.


In this celebrated pandemonium,
I shall pluck every instance
Of strength,
And bury every doubt.


I’ve acquired a legacy,
Of fierce quotes and
Affable anecdotes.

– Meera



The Lights Do Flicker.

GIF Courtesy of mrdiv.tumblr


A sphere awash with colors.
Colors that one doesn’t heed.
Since heeding took up time.
And time is as costly as money.

If we could have our own lights.
Lights that would change color.
Then what color would set aside
Any side of this sphere?

But dim now and bright before.
Would bright then again repeat?
In this fast lane, repeats gone,
Gone before a heart’s beat.

– Meera

The Right Side of the Bed.

Where mornings are rejuvenating.
Where some more answers reside.
Where life is not a race
But a road-trip.
Where the life lessons relax,
Awaiting our return.
Where the wind rests
Around us, not ruffled
By our lethargy. Relentless
Faith in our companions remain.
Where the concert of chimes resonates.
On this side of the bed, our Joys write.
Or are set right.

– Meera

Disclaimer – Image courtesy of Google. I do not own the image used in this post. 

Look Not Hither

Here, but a
Carefree passage.
A no-restraint smile.
Stray afar from those that
Offer no joy. But weep at
Even the slightest consoling.
They’d rather the bleak way than mend their
Say. So why dim and squint at a drab sight?

When you can look not hither & thither but
Guffaw at such imbecilic play.

– Meera