Only One Definition

Words and asterisks,
They go together.
Bleeding, draining
The page of colour.
Judge, judge, judge
They do
Till their belly bloats
And their mind gloats.
Behind a screen,
Safe and cowardly,
They fill up their tanks
With other’s misery.

We’re asked to
Hush, hush, hush.
Haters gonna hate.
To do anything,
It’s too late.
Spreading, changing
These stories of mine.
Gives you a good laugh,
Then is it fine?
I’m not the me
You’ve painted.
I’m not the me
You’ve underrated.

I’m all that I believe
And all that I know.
Tsk tsk tsk, there’s
Only one definition
With which I glow.



Fair Warnings Oft Told.

(c) 2017 Meera Nair.

Tales and legends of the old,
Fair warnings oft told,
Unearth some universal truth.
Our hearts, they are meant to sooth.
But this mad, mad mind
Swears by a quest to find
All the worldly wisdom that is amiss.
But in doing so, topples into the abyss.

The Thing About Confidence is That…

It is seeded in thyself
And watered by others.


It is weeded by failure
And altered by changes.


You turn away,
And only look within,
Are you doomed to
A withering confidence?


It is a concoction,
Of others and you.


Situations and actions
Hath more to do.


In this celebrated pandemonium,
I shall pluck every instance
Of strength,
And bury every doubt.


I’ve acquired a legacy,
Of fierce quotes and
Affable anecdotes.

– Meera



They thrive on it.
It feeds their worth.
It riles them up.
They bleed; no mirth.
Shape, colour,
Accent, birth.
In matters of laughter
There’s no dearth.

Once, a joke,
Thence, a poke.
Amidst the folk,
In shame, you soak.

But shades emerge
From a plain verge.
So make your own,
Slights that are thrown.
Cause powers surge
When thoughts, you purge.

– Meera


The Lesser of Two Evils

Vicious & Bold,
There roams the earth
From legends & tales,
Creatures to behold.

Image Courtesy – Google

Now they’ve arrived,
No disputing races
No mercy or mistake
Will in their ways, subside.

Eye to eye,
They stare us down.
Without a blink
Snuff us out .

And yet I hold dear,
This foreign entity
Who, the lesser of two evils
Dominates all here.

To this day and this end,
I wait. Surely there’s a
Greater doom to mend.

– Meera

Why The Night Beckons

Image Courtesy – Google

A sense of flight,
Strength & Sight
Erupts from within
This chilly night.

Life in this sphere
Suddenly so mere
Worth a glance
From above, crystal clear.

The thought of unknown
Living blood & bone
Spurs us forth
Through mysteries not shown.

Small as it be
Our life as a spree
Wonted by changing winds
Dwells in the dark, free.

The night brings with it
A thrill & joy fit,
For writings that alight
The essence of living it.

– Meera