2017 at a Glance

There’s always a first and no matter how exhilarating or painful that first experience is, you’ve just started cracking open the shells to usher in the beams of a better world; a world of heightened senses and worldly knowledge. So keep going, oh brave heart, keep going!

2017 has been a great many things to me, as I’m sure it has been for you. It was an unexpected U-turn, a heartbreaker, a wise fool who reminded me just how transient everything is and a devil who missed not one chance to fill my head with doubts. But amidst all that, my self-love and the desire to be true to myself is the one thing that was of supreme importance. This year was also testament to my innate nature of biting more than I can chew. I piled up so much work on myself and although I was able to accomplish a majority of them, it was a stretch. Perhaps the next year, I’ll learn how to pace it out. But who am I kidding? I’ll probably still be up at 4am trying to finish an article or a book for review.

Like everybody else, this year has attempted to bowl me over with certain happenings. And had I allowed it to devastate me, I wouldn’t have realized some very important lessons. The key is to never lose faith in yourself. Then, you’ll be just fine. The tips, tricks and cheat codes lie within you. So look there, and you’ll find that you have everything that you need to conquer each day.

In terms of getting tattoos and reading books, I’m not as pleased as I wanted to be. I had planned to get a couple more inks and read atleast 50 more books, but somehow, I just didn’t. Falling short of ticking off those goals has made me all pumped up to race into the next year with a great start. What I am exceptionally proud of is sticking to my Bullet Journaling. It has enabled me to keep track of my daily habits, goals and to-do lists in a very creative manner. For that I commend myself. Finally, on the education front, I’m so glad to say that I got my first level Korean Language certificate. Now, my inner thoughts are as much in Korean as they are in English. Tons more to go before I’m entirely proficient, but this is one of my most cherished milestone of 2017.

Lastly, I’m gradually becoming more attuned to what’s happening around the world. While it’s all very alarming, I still have hope for us humans. And I wish to actively bring about a change in whatever way I can. Note to self – create content for awareness and positive change!

I hope 2018 is filled with as many ups and downs as 2017 has been. I hope that in between tears and laughter, I continue to recognize the privilege I enjoy. And I hope that I’m able to spread the love to others, that I have been fortunate enough to receive.

Wishing all of you a SPLENDID 2018…


Full Circle

Copyright (c) Mohan Nair, 2016
Copyright (c) Mohan Nair, 2016

And worn, my child,
Devoid of comfort. Her
Make, so bothersome, riled ’em all.
I’d made
Her so.
I’d swathed her in
Trials, inevitable
Obtrusions. Alas! she joined the
Lot; sat
With my
Failures of the
Last time and those before.
With such precision and care, I’d
In peculiar
Hues, adorned in jewels,
My baby outshone the last, but
Her light
Was to
Be dimmed by the
Blurry eyed. They sought her
Light for themselves. But unable,
Killed her.
And there
My craft left me.
I wandered in search of
Refreshing art, only to be
By my
Children. You see,
Nothing remains undone.
We come full circle, wherever
We go.

– Meera

The One Where Time Flies Soon

A few haiku to mark two splendid weeks.20150607_145927

Dance of the corn fields
Usher in the beginning.
Smiling faces wait.

Calm before a storm
Sense the inevitable.
Yet we look away.

A savior lighthouse.
Knowledge shines through the dark times,
While hungry hands wrote.

Sunny and gusty
Days warrant new dynamics.
To Deal or no deal?

The mist elevates
To clarity, as echoes
Bare a better truth.

Mama Turtles wave.
I see my path home in the
Gentlest of manners.

Two weeks depart like
A wish on the wind and soon
The rest will follow.

– Meera.

My Uni & the Christmas Spirit!

Is it true that towards the second half of the year, time goes by even faster? As we eat, breathe and love; we yet again chalk another year into our book of life. It is something so inherent in December, in Christmas that makes even the minutest of things, that would normally bother me a great deal, seem trivial and to be taken in good stride. I won’t shy away from admitting that it could be purely psychological, but every December I become the best “me”. I don’t let anything upset me for too long and if something did end up taking (rarely ever) more of my cognitive energy than need be, then I ensure that the very thing is worth fretting over.

Christ University, Bangalore takes Christmas very seriously. More so than any other college or school I’ve seen. Each block hasimage its own ginormous tree strung with every possible decoration you could think of. Some buildings even have elaborate cribs set up in loving memory of Jesus. The walimage (1)kways have a multitude of colorful stars hung between the overshadowing arch of trees. And if you are feeling low, a walk through campus from the main gate to the very depths of our birds park will rejuvenate you thoroughly. There’s so much about studying in Christ that I wouldn’t have found else where and I realize that this is one of those places that can make you feel at peace even in the most conflicting of times.

Many of us have this tendency to not go to school/college if we know that most of our friends are planning to take off somewhere to have fun. But you know what? I’d still go to class (not because I need the attendance) but I don’t mind wandering around alone. Plus the feeling of having already spent two years in this college, trying to know it inside out, paving way for future students who’d be sharing the same glory as you – its all very overwhelming.

In less than two days, it’ll be Christmas. For a change, we’ve decided to place gifts underneath the tree and actually tear them open on Christmas morning, just like how they do it on Home Alone! 😀 The plan as of now is to watch movies all day long, wishing if only it would snow here in Bangalore and baking something sweet. The 10 day break we have is much needed and I couldn’t be more lethargically glad that for awhile, I can enjoy the luxury of sleeping twice a day, reading and watching TV shows without a worry!

– Meera

A promise in place of a resolution.

We all know how it is at the end of the year. Parties, deadlines, resolutions and mainly a bigger wisdom for many of us.  365 days are a lot when you look back trying to pick out memorable moments. Everyday we are exposed to something new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big incident for it to be a new experience. Sometimes we don’t notice, but every moment, every second is a learning curve. Each decision we take moulds us in a different way. We leave behind a part of us that was not meant to be and yet we have gained something from that part, while it lasted.

I am not good with resolutions. I’d more rather go with the flow and stick to my aims as the days come. So today being the first day of a new year, I’d like to make a promise rather than declare a resolution – to be true to myself and take in good stride, everything I come across in 2014. I will try my best to ensure this year is more about positivity, growth, self-contentment and spreading happiness. 

Every year is a fresh start. A way to let bygones remain bygones and to forgive and forget. All the negativity that followed you to the end of the year fade away in light of the prospects of a new year. We can make 2014 another wonderful year just by having a healthy outlook. Having said that, I wish all of you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Live each day with a smile and you’ve got yourself a life filled with all the zest you need to get through each day 🙂