New Rhythm

Petals on water,
Dancing to a new rhythm.
Trying to get by.


Oh, the quandary!

All this thinking.
This relentless reasoning
And persistent pondering
Leads nowhere.
Not now.

The wonted adjustments
And clinging to the familiar.
The dreams of new
And varied days.
They don’t meet.

A thousand words
Walk down every alley.
As i holler songs about
Being young & me.
They don’t rhyme.

The wishing well,
The magic mirror,
The cryptic crystals,
Doze negligently.

Perhaps the planning
Is destructive.
Perhaps days are meant
To be lived as unorganized
As our pasts in the attic.

Beginnings are like that.
Lost & found.
Gainful & compromising.
Dull & thrilling.

Someday, these cobwebs
Will elicit laughter.
But tonight,
Everything’s a pickle.

– Meera

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013.

This is not just a new year, but a new chance.

A new chance to restore the beauty of our planet

And love among the masses.

As 2012 culminates, and we step forward to 2013

Lets leave behind despondence and walk with renewed faith.

Lets forgive ourselves and know that, its only human to make mistakes.

For the lives lost and lives ruined, justice will have to be provided.

Or else 2013 will mark the beginning of a series of revolts and movements

As widespread as ever seen before.

It takes a lot more than a prediction to end mankind.

Believe in the power that is the cause of our existence

For heartfelt prayers are never turned down.

Begin the year with a smile and confidence in your self.

There’s not a soul that is too big or too small in this world.

Start afresh, with vigour and inspiration.

Carry forward all that 2012 has taught us, accumulated wisdom, unceasing joy and relentless determination.

Needless to say, love unconditionally , laugh fearlessly and live carefree. Like a firefly.

Hope you have a splendid year ahead 🙂