Book Review — Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Thank you Bloomsbury India for sending a copy of this book for review. 

In this epistolary novel, Leah Thomas pens down a friendship so rare; a sense of optimism seldom seen through the characters of Oliver Paulot and Moritz Faber. Each a vital component of this touching narrative, teach us that sometimes youngsters can be a lot more mature than they are given credit for. Oliver is allergic to electricity and has epilepsy. He lives far from civilization, cocooned in a no-electricity zone with his mother. On the other hand, Moritz was born without eyes and uses a pacemaker to stabilize his heart. Through letters, they become the best of friends; becoming a sort of life jacket for each other. Except for one misfortune – neither can meet face to face for that would mean the end of one. Oliver and Moritz have always yearned for a shot at normalcy and to discover their apparently common history. With the help of loved ones, they strive to get there. But sometimes life gets too overwhelming when bullies, loneliness, love and suppression get the best of the two boys. Because You’ll Never Meet Me is not just the sun shining through the storm, it is a flag of strength and endurance.

Its been long since I enjoyed every page of a book from to start to finish. This novel is so captivating with its innocence and beautiful writing that it will for long be a standard of YA epistolary fiction for me. Oliver for most of the book is a very cheerful, buoyant character who urges Moritz to be strong and dauntless. Moritz initially is a very rigid, serious person who doesn’t appreciate Oliver’s forward nature. But slowly as they share their woes with each other and learn to be a “kickstand”, both of them grow to become more satisfied and happy. Dual narration is not an easy writing technique and Leah Thomas has done a commendable job of bringing out the perspectives of two very different individuals in her novel. I absolutely love her writing style, which is very fluid and simple. Not too many complexities and such.

There is also a mysterious air in the novel, as Oliver wishes to know about his father and similarly Moritz about his mother. This suspense, however, does not intervene in the process of creating a very contemporary setting for the novel. Liz, Oliver’s neighbour is a spirited girl who shows Oliver that not everyone sees him as a “freak” and ultimately he starts liking her. But I really didn’t like Liz’s character and many a times, she seemed shallow. Moritz too gets his heart set on someone and I definitely cheered them on. The plot, the characters, the writing all come together to give life to this wonderful story. BYNMM deserves more than a five star rating, it deserves to be read over again – because its just that amazing! Please please give this book a try, you most certainly won’t regret it.

Ratings – 5 stars on 5.



한글 – Learning Korean Letters

Hey guys! Its been almost 2 months since I started learning Korean and there hasn’t been a moment when I didn’t pride myself on it. I can now say basic phrases and have a limited vocabulary of around 50-60 words.
I personally love learning languages. So according to me, the first step was to start from kinder-gardener standards- by learning the basic consonants and vowels, using picture books and such.

Google being my first option, I came across these (above) pictures which helped me a lot. Initially I learnt the letters without following the proper stroke orders. But now, I feel it’s much much better to write it in the exact same stroke order. It not only improves your handwriting but (atleast for me) also gives a more authentic feeling while writing. But its your choice. Do it any which way, as long as your comfortable with it 😀

The first 2 pics depict the consonants. In the 3rd picture the first 12 characters are the basic vowels. The rest that follow are known as “Diphthongs” which is nothing but a combination of vowels.

I also watched a few youtube vids to learn the pronunciation. There are loads to choose from like this one or this one. 😛  These 2 are extremely helpful.
I have decided to blog about my journey into this beautiful Korean world. So henceforth, I’ll frequently be posting about what I learn (as I learn it) 🙂