The Right Side of the Bed.

Where mornings are rejuvenating.
Where some more answers reside.
Where life is not a race
But a road-trip.
Where the life lessons relax,
Awaiting our return.
Where the wind rests
Around us, not ruffled
By our lethargy. Relentless
Faith in our companions remain.
Where the concert of chimes resonates.
On this side of the bed, our Joys write.
Or are set right.

– Meera

Disclaimer – Image courtesy of Google. I do not own the image used in this post. 


Happy New Year! Welcome 2013.

This is not just a new year, but a new chance.

A new chance to restore the beauty of our planet

And love among the masses.

As 2012 culminates, and we step forward to 2013

Lets leave behind despondence and walk with renewed faith.

Lets forgive ourselves and know that, its only human to make mistakes.

For the lives lost and lives ruined, justice will have to be provided.

Or else 2013 will mark the beginning of a series of revolts and movements

As widespread as ever seen before.

It takes a lot more than a prediction to end mankind.

Believe in the power that is the cause of our existence

For heartfelt prayers are never turned down.

Begin the year with a smile and confidence in your self.

There’s not a soul that is too big or too small in this world.

Start afresh, with vigour and inspiration.

Carry forward all that 2012 has taught us, accumulated wisdom, unceasing joy and relentless determination.

Needless to say, love unconditionally , laugh fearlessly and live carefree. Like a firefly.

Hope you have a splendid year ahead 🙂 


living life king size

There’s no happiness, like the one that can make you glow. A bright aura of self sufficiency and merriment.

There’s no joy like the one that makes you want to smile all the time. Materialistic aspects become insignificant. Even a small gesture of love, generosity and care – makes  your day.

A glorious memory from the past, revives you of any bitterness. All it takes is realization to know, how lucky you actually are! And that realization comes from others’ bad fortunes.

Your will power, reasoning capabilities all improve for good. The motto being to live life to the fullest. Minor things that would’ve usually bothered you a great deal, tend to cower in the background. No longer possessing the strength to attack.

Staying happy becomes natural. This adrenaline rush – you don’t know where its coming from or rather what particularly is triggering it, but you don’t have any objection towards it. It replaces your worst fears, tensions and spreads colourful thoughts.

The term ‘future’ holds too many good possibilities to rule out any bad. Doubts are completely erased and you know for sure that no matter what, you are happy with yourself and you always will be.

For good or for worse, you begin to love everything associated with your life.

“You don’t need a palace to live like a king. Just true happiness to increase life’s grandeur” 


Hopes for the Future

All the dreams and aspirations like
Little soap bubbles, float higher above
Quickly dancing out of our reach.

Some stray for a while longer,
Whereas others tend to explode
Just when you decide to reach out for it.

For those (people) who aren’t quick enough,
they soar into the sky, never to be seen again.
Perhaps to go fall into somebody else’s clutches.

All of them different , filled with a rainbow of possibilities,
Some as strong as concrete,
Others as brittle as gelatin.

They bring with them, an array of opportunities,
It is up to us to pick the right ones.
Or sometimes, the wrong ones, that lead us to the right.

Our destiny is the final destination,
These targets, merely the path to it.
Regardless of what we choose,
These hopes for the future, keep up the zest,
They are what we live for,
Work for, die for.



Come Rain or Shine

On a winter morning, the sun was shining so bright.
It was warm and peaceful, the birds chirping merrily as they sought food for their little ones.
The tree leaves and bushes swaying in the light breeze. The sunshine seeping through the windows, filling the houses with a blissful golden light.
For someone who couldn’t stand the sun, I was quite comfortable curled up on the sofa, reading a paperback. For a change, I didn’t wish it would rain.
For a change, I was at truce with the sun.
But such rare moments of glee are short lived.

As I stood watching on my doorstep,
The sunlight began to recede. I looked up in time to note the arrival of the rain clouds. The sun, in its last feeble attempt, held its ground refusing to back down.
But the raging clouds were not to be stopped. In less than a minute, they had overpowered the sun from every direction.
Blanketing everything in darkness.
Thunder rattled the window panes. Messenger winds picked up pace, carrying with it, news of the rain.

Soon, it was pouring cats & dogs.
Any sign of a sunny day had been washed out by the tiny forceful drops that hit against the roof.
Drowning the peaceful silence in its wake, the rain formed huge puddles on the pavement.
Instantaneously, kids came running out of their homes, enjoying the feel of the rain  soaking them wet.
Splashing each other with water.
The leaves now glistened, not with the sunlight tinting them gold, but with the downpour that cleansed the layer of accumulated dust.
The smell of moist soil was so soothing, it brought back several childhood memories.
Its not often that I take out time to enjoy the nature as it is.
I could have stood there all day relishing the rain, with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand.
But just as soon as it had started, it stopped.
Leaving little droplets of water on every possible surface,
And a scenery so serene, that I stood there for quite a long time, letting my gaze linger on a praise-worthy sight.