The One Where Time Flies Soon

A few haiku to mark two splendid weeks.20150607_145927

Dance of the corn fields
Usher in the beginning.
Smiling faces wait.

Calm before a storm
Sense the inevitable.
Yet we look away.

A savior lighthouse.
Knowledge shines through the dark times,
While hungry hands wrote.

Sunny and gusty
Days warrant new dynamics.
To Deal or no deal?

The mist elevates
To clarity, as echoes
Bare a better truth.

Mama Turtles wave.
I see my path home in the
Gentlest of manners.

Two weeks depart like
A wish on the wind and soon
The rest will follow.

– Meera.


The Evading Senses

Quicksands of smile and toil, 
Take away these muddling onslaught. 
Transient yet far too overbearing, 
Break down the inconsistencies; by part.  

This first week has been bewildering in itself. And to think that we’re not even half way through the first month! I have been having all sorts of confusions. Maybe its in the air and with all anticipation overriding reason, I’m thinking way too much. But to not consider it would be an even greater folly. A direct admission of my inconsideration. Sometimes being real depends on the situation. I’ve come to believe that at the end of the day, my actions must be right by me, by my family. While I’d enjoy the freedom to say I don’t care, I do and that’s that. I hope things sort out by the end of this month. Then I can peacefully, smilingly welcome the next and the next.

Good Day!

– Meera

Just doesn’t seem right.

Like withering leaves
On a sunny day, something’s
Amiss in your company.
The fault, perhaps, mine
I know not which way to take
And which of you to forsake.

I look for the pros
At the sound of painful rips
Certainly time will mend it?
Bygones return with
A punch. The very reasons
Of gradual estrangement.


Fortuitous and oddly beneficial.

In life, we don’t always get what we want. I should have known that. Nevertheless, now I do. My hopes and thoughts had begun to inch far away from reality. So carried away I was, with the idea of having that which would never wind up in my hands, I had grown oblivious to all else.

It was fascinating at that time, to entertain thoughts of what-ifs. Little did I realize that I was clinging onto something that was from a different sphere altogether. Jokes aside and all ‘nothing is impossible’ quotes taken into consideration, some things are just not  part of your fate. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we are let off from experiencing any/all disappointment that comes with illogical aspirations.

Sometimes we get what we don’t ask for. It took me a while to realize that the wrong parcel had been left at my doorstep. The origins of which were unknown and it’s purpose still mystifying.  After a few tentative attempts to “handle with care”, it was time I let go of it. Clearly the contents weren’t meant for me. Liberating myself from the obligation of dealing with a jumble of pages from multiple books of life, was refreshing. Like the dissipating morning mist, it cleared my mind.

Hadn’t I made that decision and faced the outcome of it, I might still be whining over not attaining what I hoped for. With time, certain goals fade away. And that’s when we come to terms with how important they actually were. With some more time, those very goals are a distant speck in our memory. I may have had to deal with messed up situations – wanting something, gaining something else – but there’s more clarity now, as to what my heart and mind agree on. And that includes waiting till the time is right, before I go for the bullseye.


The Magnificent NaNo Experience #1


Hey everyone! Long time 🙂

So as many of you may or may not know, I took part in NaNoWriMo 2013. To record an entire month’s worth of happenings and pen down my feelings at various stages wouldn’t be easy in one post, so I have decided to do a series post. Not  only will I forever be able to cherish this experience but some of you who haven’t participated in NaNo before and are hoping to try next year, may find these posts useful.

In this post I am going to talk about the pre-NaNo prep. I am a person who prefers doing thorough research before I get into a task. As of October 28th I knew what my story was going to be like. I had a beginning and an ending in mind, not much to fill the gaps in between though. I signed up and found out that many people had already created a title, a book cover, a synopsis and so. It was reason enough to panic, but I suppressed my anxiety and got down to perfecting my synopsis. I found little comfort in posts put up by others that said “it’s not a problem if you don’t have cover in the beginning”. It was a problem for me. A big one at that. Being a perfectionist doesn’t come easy. There were people with fancy covers a week before NaNo started. I had to have one! Immediately I picked a NaNo Artisan who was offering to do covers for free. In a matter of time I had somebody working on mine. I was to get it by first week of November. How wonderful! The synopsis didn’t take that much time and with a lot of assurances from my friends and family, I was ready with a somewhat reasonably good synopsis. Only if the title were so easy to come up with. I still remember how tormented I had gotten over deciding the title. My mind went blank and stayed that way for hours. Not to scare you, but while you decide the theme or storyline, you might want to keep some keywords in mind, to help you with the title. I hadn’t thought of that and I blindly went ahead and wrote my synopsis after much speculation. Now ofcourse I wasn’t going to alter my synopsis to suit the title, but with minor tweaks I had some ideas in mind.

Mid November I started realizing how unprepared I really was. I hadn’t made an outline of the novel for starters. You may think of it as unnecessary. I did too but I wasted a lot of time because of that misconception. Unless you have prior experience at novel writing and/or you are an exceptionally imaginative person, please please do make an outline of your novel before Nov. It’s not cheating as long as you only jot down some words concerning each chapter of your novel. The problem with not making the outline is that there is no fixed track. You start out with what you had in mind, then you go with the flow and write on the spot. But when there are no set boundaries, there is a tendency for the story to drag and be all over the place. It becomes difficult to end it in the way you thought and in time for the due date. Because I hadn’t made an outline, I ended up taking more time to think of my next sentence than I did writing in a day. Also I had to add a lot more twists and turns to keep the story afloat. If only I had decided what was to happen in each chap, I feel my novel would be more balanced and better paced. So preparing in advance is a life saver. DO NOT NEGLECT the preparation stage. And certainly DO NO WHILE AWAY the last few days of October. They come in handy..

Sorry for the extremely long post. More to come next time 🙂


Undo and rewrite once again

I hang onto languid threads
Wishing you’d wipe away my dreads.
Down into the ravine,
Headfirst fell  my impression of thine.
In fact, truth be told
I ne’er should’ve let you enfold
The warrior that beats within me
The one that you preyed on incessantly.
Give me a chance, oh Lord and I will
Redo my life without a culprit I could ne’er kill.

– Mia

One thing that shapes your being

Hello people!!

Recently I have taken up a big project which requires a lot of investment, in terms of time and efforts. I hope to succeed with the help of my passion and perseverance. So I’ve been preoccupied with that and I greatly miss blogging 🙂

Trying  my hand at Cinquain Poetry. Here’s the first one in many more to come..

Valorous, extraordinary
Striving, loving, forgiving
Compassionate without reason

– Mia


Tolerance is indeed a sign of great mental strength and stability. Many a time you realize that like a weather-beaten plant, you get accustomed to the harsh surroundings. Sooner or later, the very thing that drove you nuts would either cease to exist in your perceptual frame or would pass by as the most trivial of matters. That’s when you begin to develop your ability to tolerate. Tolerance is also about reminding yourself that you are in control of everything that happens to you. No matter what, you will always have the upper hand. Your very actions and responses can be the road to becoming increasingly tolerant of other people and their behaviours or simply to circumstances.

Sometimes, just because you don’t respond you get labelled or tagged by some very BS terms. I mean, hello! What the hell! The reason that I don’t respond is not because I’m a wuss or I’m scared, its because I couldn’t care less about the fact that you chose to spend your precious time on me. As long as its not physically harmful I don’t see how you could mentally traumatise me, if I don’t let you. This may not be applicable to everyone. But for me, its as simple as that. There are two extremes – dislike and like. Then again, there’s an in-between state called I Don’t Care. Its when you don’t let anything affect you. Its when at the end of bearing pain or getting bullied, you are the same person you were before – with the same temperament, same attitude.

Retaliation is the result of intolerance.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes its okay to retaliate. For the fun of it 😉 But what does that make us? In the long run, our outlook speaks louder than our actions.

My silence is not my defeat. It’s just me, making it clear that I’m much more stronger and can take on greater hardships. 


Compulsion is not the solution.

Hey everyone! 🙂 How have you all been? Good, I hope.
Life never ceases to amaze me. If you stop to think for awhile, you’d probably come across so many things that you have learnt. I learn something new everyday, a fact of life everyday 😀 I get attached to people fast, but what I don’t realize often is that, not everyone wants to reciprocate that attachment. As an individual, its very important to acknowledge that. And so I have…

Certain things in life can’t be forced. 
There’s a possibility that could be broached. 
But never mistake, that in life
Compulsion could cause a strife
That which gels well
Needs no-one to cast a spell. 
However, if its not meant to be
Hanging on, might be a dire tendency.
Let go and watch the bird fly
If it comes back, you know why. 
I’ve learnt the hard way.
A consequence of your false play
Never again, shall I
Let myself deny
The truth that’s right in front of me
And a beautiful life, that lies ahead of me.

– Mia