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1st Blogiversary!! :D

Today marks one year of successful blogging and I’m so so happy that I’ve managed to reach this far. It means a lot to me that all you awesome people out there are reading the stuff that I write. Really. Can’t say thanks enough 🙂

I’ve realized that so much has happened since I started this blog. I was “me” then, still am. But my life has gone through multiple roller-coaster rides, ever ready to deal with the anything that comes my way. Stumbling at times, only to have loving hands guide me. Tripping and falling, only to look up and see the expectant, encouraging gaze of my well-wishers.  I’ve progressed slowly, bit by bit. There’s so much more to learn from my blogger friends and there’s so much more I want to share – to the world, to those willing listeners. This medium of communication, being an ocean of knowledge, can never cease to amaze me. All through out this year, I’ve learnt; I’ve had people correct me where I knew something was amiss; I’ve expressed myself to the utmost – more than ever! I’ve always been scribbling tidbits of poetry ( and life quotes, a line or two about my raging emotions and so) at the back of all my notebooks. The only difference here is that, those scribblings are being published to the whole world and they are being read by people from every walk of life and they are being commented on. A curtain of pride wraps around me, strengthening my resolve and belief in my capabilities. A taste of success makes you work harder and faster, to possess that trophy again. To me, success means being self-sufficient. So as long as I’m content and happy I’m successful!

It’s been one hell of a ride! And today, coming back to the starting position, I am certain that I would give my all, to be able to ride again.
Once again, THANK YOU to everyone for giving me a  portion of their precious time 🙂

Live life to the fullest! :*