It’s Not Your Fault

A friend of mine once said, “Being close to somebody is about how they make you feel.” This couldn’t be more true. We cling to the people who make us feel strong, special and worthy of good things. We gravitate towards those who can give us what we’re looking for from life – be it fame, money or just a social circle to fall back on. But what happens when, as time passes, they’re no longer the person you used to identify with? Maybe you feel the need to justify their changed behavior and you are wont to accepting them nevertheless. But there’s also a fair chance that you just can’t “go with the flow”. And that’s okay.

Like me, you may be standing at that point in life where your only human interactions are with your family (if you’re an adult living with your folks, that is) and/or select friends via social media. You may be wondering what happened to all those hour long conversations with your bestfriend(s) from school or college. You may be seeing them in a new light. In between all that, you may also be questioning yourself as to “What went wrong?” The answer is nothing. It’s not up to you or me to prevent someone from being who they wish to be. Neither are we obliged to deal with a relation that has grown toxic.

All of my experiences has taught me one important thing, amongst others. If you appreciate or value somebody, make sure they know it. Cause there will come a time when engaging in small talk with said person would be a strain. We’re all caught in the throes of keeping up with today. And so it’s only likely that we would grow and flourish in the way we know how to. It’s only likely that people will grow apart for a hundred different reasons. A shuffle in priorities, conflict of interests, distance and on goes the list. But you can’t possibly hold it against them for choosing to walk away or yourself. In a world of no-strings-attached, guarded conversations and rising number of online “followers”, you ought to consider yourself lucky for having enjoyed something meaningful, even if for a short while.

Sometimes, bestfriends become strangers and families get estranged. That’s how it is.

This is something I should have understood a long time back. Perhaps, it’s something you’d like to hear now.

Anyhow, the festive season is here and I truly wish y’all a fantastic end to this year!




I had written this poem for a contest. So thought I’d publish it here too..

Image Credits – Google

Every word thought in favour and
Every action performed in grace.
Speaks to thy soul, that place.
A land, be it, of origins or not.
The intent in perception is all you’ve got.
“Why must I be a patriot?” you ask.
Cause when the great star dims and
the rivers run dry, yours truly land
in your mind will survive.
When even its adversity makes you smile
Your tenacity, others deem imbecile.
But oh what joy in belonging to a place
that knows more than saving face.

This country mine, its cities mine.
Its glory and bane, all mine.

For the nomad, patriotism, a difficult feat.
But in all her ventures, a home town she meets.
starting trouble, never had any. But then again
Such a country, how many.
Name and fame she wanted to earn, more than
Herself, for this country’s concern.
Association in the deepest of matters
Indignation at syllables of not flatter.
Strength and courage she gathers from her haven.
One day to return tenfold to its sistren.
Mysteries of life drove her afar. But before
Long, her sights will be blessed with the
Lyrical spell of a land so vast and magnificent.

This country mine, its cities mine.
Its glory and bane, all mine.

– Mia

[SOLVED] Nokia Asha 302 Browser Connectivity Error

Hey everyone!
I recently came across a solution to the Nokia Asha 302 browser connectivity error. Every time I tried to use the nokia browser, the page would not load and after several minutes, I would get an error saying “Could not connect to the server. Check connection and try again later.” The internet connection was absolutely fine as I could access facebook chat through social.

When I was surfing the net, looking for anything that might help solve the problem, I found so many forums where the topic was being discussed but not one of them had a solution that worked for me. After spending hours on google, I finally found something that worked perfectly! Many of you might already have got the issue solved but I think there are still many who don’t know what to do. SO for all of them, here’s the answer —

1. Go to menu > settings > configuration > personal settings.

2. In the personal settings, activate ‘My web’. In my phone, there was no ‘My Web’ option so what I did was click on  Options > Add New > Web.
Leave all the settings as it is and go back. Now you will see My Web, so you can activate it.

3. Go back to settings and then click on Connectivity. Change the Internet Connection option to “Ask first”.
Assuming that you have already connected to your wifi network, you can browse the net using the nokia browser

It was as simple as that! And now, the pages load really fast. Just one request to all of you bloggers, please try and share this post in anyway you can (reblog or facebook or twitter or google+ ) I really want the news to spread and help as many people as possible. 🙂 Thanks so much!