2017 at a Glance

There’s always a first and no matter how exhilarating or painful that first experience is, you’ve just started cracking open the shells to usher in the beams of a better world; a world of heightened senses and worldly knowledge. So keep going, oh brave heart, keep going!

2017 has been a great many things to me, as I’m sure it has been for you. It was an unexpected U-turn, a heartbreaker, a wise fool who reminded me just how transient everything is and a devil who missed not one chance to fill my head with doubts. But amidst all that, my self-love and the desire to be true to myself is the one thing that was of supreme importance. This year was also testament to my innate nature of biting more than I can chew. I piled up so much work on myself and although I was able to accomplish a majority of them, it was a stretch. Perhaps the next year, I’ll learn how to pace it out. But who am I kidding? I’ll probably still be up at 4am trying to finish an article or a book for review.

Like everybody else, this year has attempted to bowl me over with certain happenings. And had I allowed it to devastate me, I wouldn’t have realized some very important lessons. The key is to never lose faith in yourself. Then, you’ll be just fine. The tips, tricks and cheat codes lie within you. So look there, and you’ll find that you have everything that you need to conquer each day.

In terms of getting tattoos and reading books, I’m not as pleased as I wanted to be. I had planned to get a couple more inks and read atleast 50 more books, but somehow, I just didn’t. Falling short of ticking off those goals has made me all pumped up to race into the next year with a great start. What I am exceptionally proud of is sticking to my Bullet Journaling. It has enabled me to keep track of my daily habits, goals and to-do lists in a very creative manner. For that I commend myself. Finally, on the education front, I’m so glad to say that I got my first level Korean Language certificate. Now, my inner thoughts are as much in Korean as they are in English. Tons more to go before I’m entirely proficient, but this is one of my most cherished milestone of 2017.

Lastly, I’m gradually becoming more attuned to what’s happening around the world. While it’s all very alarming, I still have hope for us humans. And I wish to actively bring about a change in whatever way I can. Note to self – create content for awareness and positive change!

I hope 2018 is filled with as many ups and downs as 2017 has been. I hope that in between tears and laughter, I continue to recognize the privilege I enjoy. And I hope that I’m able to spread the love to others, that I have been fortunate enough to receive.

Wishing all of you a SPLENDID 2018…


It’s Not Your Fault

A friend of mine once said, “Being close to somebody is about how they make you feel.” This couldn’t be more true. We cling to the people who make us feel strong, special and worthy of good things. We gravitate towards those who can give us what we’re looking for from life – be it fame, money or just a social circle to fall back on. But what happens when, as time passes, they’re no longer the person you used to identify with? Maybe you feel the need to justify their changed behavior and you are wont to accepting them nevertheless. But there’s also a fair chance that you just can’t “go with the flow”. And that’s okay.

Like me, you may be standing at that point in life where your only human interactions are with your family (if you’re an adult living with your folks, that is) and/or select friends via social media. You may be wondering what happened to all those hour long conversations with your bestfriend(s) from school or college. You may be seeing them in a new light. In between all that, you may also be questioning yourself as to “What went wrong?” The answer is nothing. It’s not up to you or me to prevent someone from being who they wish to be. Neither are we obliged to deal with a relation that has grown toxic.

All of my experiences has taught me one important thing, amongst others. If you appreciate or value somebody, make sure they know it. Cause there will come a time when engaging in small talk with said person would be a strain. We’re all caught in the throes of keeping up with today. And so it’s only likely that we would grow and flourish in the way we know how to. It’s only likely that people will grow apart for a hundred different reasons. A shuffle in priorities, conflict of interests, distance and on goes the list. But you can’t possibly hold it against them for choosing to walk away or yourself. In a world of no-strings-attached, guarded conversations and rising number of online “followers”, you ought to consider yourself lucky for having enjoyed something meaningful, even if for a short while.

Sometimes, bestfriends become strangers and families get estranged. That’s how it is.

This is something I should have understood a long time back. Perhaps, it’s something you’d like to hear now.

Anyhow, the festive season is here and I truly wish y’all a fantastic end to this year!


Book Review — How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh

Image Courtesy – Goodreads.

Summary – Lilly Singh’s How To Be A Bawse is as much an honest representation of the star as it is a well guided recipe to cure oneself of the blues. Her words of wisdom, courage and understanding fill us to the brim with the zeal needed to pick ourselves up and keep going. Split into 50 chapters and other sections, this book takes us on a journey of revelation as to how she rose to power and popularity – none of which came easy. As consumers of media, our perception of celebrities can be deficient if not entirely skewed. Lilly opens our eyes to the gritty truth of it all. Through the course of this book, she sets us on the path towards becoming change-makers, influencers and sculptors of a better world. Glossy pages, bouncy colors and a great sense of humor make this tome much superior in comparison to other self-help books. If you wish to conquer every aspect of your life, you’ll find a whole lot of inspiration and motivation here.

Review – Ever since I discovered her YouTube channel, I have been devouring any content that she put forth. So it was but natural that I would get a copy of her book for myself. At first glance, this book appears to have been manufactured by Skittles. No, really. There are four sections, each of which are done in a particular color. Within each of these chapters contained in these sections, there are page length photos of her as well as quote prints, and chapter-end tasks. This makes it a delightful reading experience because you’re able to apply the lessons to your life actively. Her undeniable sass and wit, which we are familiar with through her videos, translates perfectly into the narration. The writing style is colloquial, emphatic and humorous. What makes this book endearing is the inclusion of personal anecdotes in plenty. In fact those were my favourite parts!

I’m super lazy and I procrastinate a great deal. Reading this book has made me less of that person. And every chapter I re-read chisels away a bit more of the lethargy. The content is so inspiring, that I no longer think of my role in this world as a minuscule one. I know for a fact that I, too, can bring about a great change. Recurring themes of this book include positivity, self-control, hustling, being grounded etc. Some of her guidance overlaps across chapters, so occasionally you find yourself reading the same thing again. But that’s actually quite necessary to drive home the point. People are familiar with iiSuperwomanii who has done great deeds, but only few know of her insecurities and concerns. It is very evident that she has poured her heart and soul into this book, to encourage other’s to not give up on themselves. The chapters speak to people suffering from lack of self-esteem, depression, despondence and heartbreak. The lessons she has learned on her journey would be useful to anyone, regardless of their stature. That being said, I didn’t agree with some points in the book. But to each their own. I would absolutely recommend How To Be A Bawse to every one. I’m going to re-read this book again and again in the future. Lilly, you’re a gift to humanity.

What do you get out of it? Unicorn kisses. Haha, just kidding! HTBAB has a feel-good factor in it that convinces you of your greater potential in life. It makes you want to dream big and then act on it. And it shows you exactly how to do it.

Ratings – 4 out of 5 stars.

Oh, the quandary!

All this thinking.
This relentless reasoning
And persistent pondering
Leads nowhere.
Not now.

The wonted adjustments
And clinging to the familiar.
The dreams of new
And varied days.
They don’t meet.

A thousand words
Walk down every alley.
As i holler songs about
Being young & me.
They don’t rhyme.

The wishing well,
The magic mirror,
The cryptic crystals,
Doze negligently.

Perhaps the planning
Is destructive.
Perhaps days are meant
To be lived as unorganized
As our pasts in the attic.

Beginnings are like that.
Lost & found.
Gainful & compromising.
Dull & thrilling.

Someday, these cobwebs
Will elicit laughter.
But tonight,
Everything’s a pickle.

– Meera

I’m Different Now & I Don’t Mind.

You grow up. You hope to be the person that you are now. But along the way you pick up new ways and drop irrelevant ones. Looking back, this may bother you. Sometimes, I wonder what I would be like, had I done things differently. But you have to know, there is no constant to be found in being the same. Anything that is out there, existing as an entity, is subject to change and so are we. Then why do we seek only that which guarantees stability? Why look for a future, a friend or a hobby that will for the longest time give you a pillar to lean on. I think life has a lot to offer, if only you look for it. There is no reason we must hold onto a single thing and build our image around it. I have dabbled in five different fields and mastered maybe none. But that is fine, because during each of those phases, I was happy doing it to my best. And I don’t expect it to stay with me forever.

photo (1)
Picture Credit – Nikhita Menon.

I hope, as  I leave my teens behind and grow “older”, I don’t remain this way. I  hope for a better change – one that takes me by surprise but fits undoubtedly like a snug pair of shorts. I have been submissive, strong, emotional, indifferent and tons of other binary pairs (precisely, each part of the pair) but I haven’t been only that way for long. Whether its a matter of growing up/changing/evolving into a more personalized sense of self – it is in my disposition to accept it all. I don’t fear the change, rather, I await it. I find it thrilling. Having moved from place to place all my life, the probability that a “new me” may surface is just as exhilarating as meeting new people or discovering new places. No, I don’t have multiple personality disorder. This is more of finding new character traits I never thought I’d have.

My inability to stick to one thing has irked not only others, but sometimes me too. However come to think of it, when our language is so vast, our options so abundant and our limits so mere, why must I stick to one thing? My drive to be content ought to be the only stable factor in life. I think different and perhaps behave that way too. A little out of the box, a little in the box. But I don’t have a problem with it. And I’m happy. So..

Happy 20th to me!

– Meera


Change is the one thing that you can expect for sure – from people, from circumstances and life in general. It’s frequent and it’s constant. Though the catalysts to change may vary, everything undergoes change at some point of its existence.

Sometimes you expect something from a person and they turn out to be the exact opposite. Sometimes what we see is not what really is.They say, seeing is believing but usually what meets the eye often falls short of the bigger picture. We believe what we want and this adds to the growing delusion.

With the passing of time, people change. In the blink of an eye, the person you perceived as closest to you is suddenly the farthest. Whatever the reason, good or bad, its inevitable. Maybe with time, it’ll become easier to accept the change. But then again, if you don’t let it pass, it might continue to haunt you for as long as you let it. I’ve been there, done that! So I know how it is, at first. Getting accustomed with something, only to have it snatched away from you, the very next day. But we’ll all move past the awkwardness of that. Just know – what’s no more – was never meant to be.

Change is healthy, so welcome it. It’ll help you turn over a new leaf.  It’ll make sure you’re at the right place at the right time. For new beginnings, its essential to douse the fire and toss aside the ashes. And let new saplings grow over crumbled ground. I know it’s easier said than done. But try 🙂 That’s best thing one can do…just try, wholeheartedly! 🙂


College – A New Phase.

3 weeks into college and my head is a jumble of mixed feelings – mostly all good, some a little whiny 😛  Been coming home late, no time for anything else. Usually this would’ve driven me ballistic, but somehow it doesn’t affect me as such. Even though I would’ve liked to have a little “me time”, the college and friends make up for it. Plus there are  just so many activities and clubs I can opt for, it feels as though this journey is going to an enriching one.

I’ve never been an attention seeker and yet I’m a Media student. Look at the irony of that! 😛  Its not that I have any problem with being under the spotlight but I haven’t felt the need to do anything extra to be put there. Like some people have a natural ability to command attention regardless of what they say or do. Whereas some, in their ways of talking and gestures are well known among people. I don’t know if  its common for all Media students to be very open and expressive or whether its a gradual process of becoming like that. Because I haven’t met anyone who is the shy-bug types. So its a little confusing when I think of myself as the shy, less talkative one. I’m not shy, not since long. But I’m not as bold as some others. So obviously I’d seem like the most reserved among them all. 어떻게?  I know that at some point of time, in order to kick start my career in this industry, I will have to leave back all of my reservations and step forward. I’m ready for that. But for now, I am clueless on what I ought to be doing.

Anyway, so far, taking this course has proved to be a brilliant decision. I only hope it continues to be.
We are getting so much exposure, in terms of knowledge and practical assignments, its reaally really overwhelming. The whole college atmosphere is different from that of senior secondary school. Good different, that is. I wake up every morning, eyes droopy, yet ready to drag myself out of bed, just because of college. 😀 I’ve met some good people and some not so good people. But then again, that’s how life is. Maybe, I’m jumping far too ahead with my opinions on certain people. Maybe not. Only time will reveal how good  judge of character I am. Perhaps at the end of this year, I’ll be able to post more elaborately about my experiences with people 😀

I love change. For this very reason of being able to eliminate the monotony in life. Meeting new people, newer adventures and a somewhat changed personality.


Amidst All the Muddle

Lately life has taken an absurd turn, a sudden change of events. I am not sure what exactly is the cause of this. Everything (okay, well almost everything) is a little blurry and I keep having these totally weird identity crisis issue. Like I don’t really know what I’m upto. I don’t even know if this makes sense. I feel like I’m not able to get through to other people, like they just see me as a fuzzy white cloud with no constant shape. And no matter how much I say, they just don’t get it! I have never been one to restrict my personality from evolving by drawing boundaries or anything. But recently it feels like I ought to be doing that or otherwise I might completely lose hold of who I am. :S

Uptil now, I believed certain things about myself. I knew what I was, and I definitely knew what traits didn’t fit my description. But now I’m questioning myself and wishing that things would fall back into place. How do I spot the reason for this drastic change? How am I different than what I used to be, a week back?
Being honest with myself has never been difficult. Even if sometimes (rarely) I tried to convince myself of something which is not true, I knew deep down that, it is what my heart wanted to believe. So if only I could comprehend better. It feels like walking around in the fog, unsure and puzzled. And I don’t like it one bit!
One example would be that I love dancing. Always have. But yesterday, I sort of willingly gave up on an opportunity (one that I’d been craving to grab!) At first I thought I’m just being extremely shy. But that’s not it. Awhile later, I didn’t mind dancing in front of hundreds of random people. Regardless of what they thought, I knew I’m just doing what I love. So it can’t be the “shy factor” right?! And my love for dance is definitely not fading away. Am still as passionate as before, maybe more. Then what the hell am I doing, walking past opportunities like that!! Ugh! ><

One other major concern seems to be my inability to voice my opinion. Or so it seems. But its also possible that other’s aren’t tuned in, right? Or maybe I don’t have much of an opinion on certain topics? Must I have something to say about everything in life.. I don’t think so 😛
All this is just flying over above my head! And I’m left wondering like a fool 😛 I keep mentally yelling at myself to DO SOMETHING! And it yells right back “WHAAT?!”  😀

Sighh. Looking forward to the day, I figure it all out 🙂 Hopefully it’s not far. You see, I love my life all colourful like rainbows 😀

You have a good day!