The Universe of You

You were but a small boy,
Ready to be enveloped by the mighty
And the invigorating.
The Heavens convened,
Smiling down at you.
You, who glowed with wonder,
An impish smile lurking on your mien.
They imbued your life with
Experiences to last a lifetime,
Knowing full well, you’d thrive.
The stars aligned, preparing to
Release you to a world that
Could bloom with your thoughtfulness.
Flesh and blood came together,
In a hurry to carve you into all that you could be.
As you trek through the wilderness,
And dive into the ocean,
The Heavens congratulate themselves,
For a job well done.
They had hoped to see you living happily,
But you’ve left them astounded
By conquering every moment.
The Universe of You pulses with potential.
Do yourself proud.

– Meera


2 years of blogging and life is only getting brighter.

I made a decision a few years back. To set my mark on the literary-media sphere. To write to my hearts content and not hold back when it came to words. Be it of joy, scorn or even abash. I have stuck to that promise and written without hesitation – a novel, some articles published in the newspaper, few poems and even more prose. Today marks 2 years of my blogging life, 700 or so days of sharing bits and pieces of my life with others. And I already feel content, like I’ve made good progress on what I set out to do. But the lantern of goodwill is only shining bigger and brighter, paving greater ways for me to reach the peak.

WordPress has been a charm these past two years (though I’d like a greater collection of free themes 😛 ) urging me to write more, while it tracked and boasted my progress – likes, comments, rates – just so I’d get more motivated. My family and friends have been absolutely lovely forces of encouragement. And all you fellow bloggers and visitors, thank you for your time and opinions! Really, a massive thank you 🙂

So pop open the bottles and whisk out the cake, wherever you are, rejoice life and all your achievements. Guard them carefully like a shelf of trophies. Then wait… for the good, the better and the best in store for you.



A promise in place of a resolution.

We all know how it is at the end of the year. Parties, deadlines, resolutions and mainly a bigger wisdom for many of us.  365 days are a lot when you look back trying to pick out memorable moments. Everyday we are exposed to something new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big incident for it to be a new experience. Sometimes we don’t notice, but every moment, every second is a learning curve. Each decision we take moulds us in a different way. We leave behind a part of us that was not meant to be and yet we have gained something from that part, while it lasted.

I am not good with resolutions. I’d more rather go with the flow and stick to my aims as the days come. So today being the first day of a new year, I’d like to make a promise rather than declare a resolution – to be true to myself and take in good stride, everything I come across in 2014. I will try my best to ensure this year is more about positivity, growth, self-contentment and spreading happiness. 

Every year is a fresh start. A way to let bygones remain bygones and to forgive and forget. All the negativity that followed you to the end of the year fade away in light of the prospects of a new year. We can make 2014 another wonderful year just by having a healthy outlook. Having said that, I wish all of you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Live each day with a smile and you’ve got yourself a life filled with all the zest you need to get through each day 🙂


Happy New Year! Welcome 2013.

This is not just a new year, but a new chance.

A new chance to restore the beauty of our planet

And love among the masses.

As 2012 culminates, and we step forward to 2013

Lets leave behind despondence and walk with renewed faith.

Lets forgive ourselves and know that, its only human to make mistakes.

For the lives lost and lives ruined, justice will have to be provided.

Or else 2013 will mark the beginning of a series of revolts and movements

As widespread as ever seen before.

It takes a lot more than a prediction to end mankind.

Believe in the power that is the cause of our existence

For heartfelt prayers are never turned down.

Begin the year with a smile and confidence in your self.

There’s not a soul that is too big or too small in this world.

Start afresh, with vigour and inspiration.

Carry forward all that 2012 has taught us, accumulated wisdom, unceasing joy and relentless determination.

Needless to say, love unconditionally , laugh fearlessly and live carefree. Like a firefly.

Hope you have a splendid year ahead 🙂 


Nail Art – Christmas Special!


Meant to be Santa’s costume… 😛 Don’t know if I pulled it off that well 😀


As you can probably see the first ones a snowflake then the Christmas tree followed by an elf’s costume and some cute golden ribbons for all the gifts.


Green and Silver (sponge technique) for the Christmas tree…

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! 😀 Have a joyous holiday…


Booo! Its Halloween!

Wind chimes tinkling in the distance,
Cat calls filling the air,
Leaves and debris fluttering in the swift wind,
Roads are deserted as people prepare for the festivities.

Its a festival of treats,
Of mayhem and mischief.
Carved pumpkins of all sizes, line the front porches.
Whereas some are suspended in the air,
seemingly floating against the night sky.

A day of the 365 that appears spooky, naturally.
A day when horror movies seem more appealing.
A day, our imagination runs wild.
Its Halloween!!

Children wearing costumes of every nature,
run around the neighbourhood.
A friendly little ghoul grabs candies from the bowl and,
A disappointed Dracula tosses eggs at the house owners as a trick.

All in all, its a fun day filled with thrills and chills!!