It Has Been 5 Years.

Five years have passed since I started this blog, since I battled indefinite bouts of laziness. Five years of unimaginable change, not just in myself but in my surroundings. I’ve grown accustomed to this change; to never declaring any possibility as absolutely improbable. For I’ve turned the tables more times than I’d thought myself capable. But amidst all that change, there’s one thing I’ve ascertained – my love for reading and writing is entwined into my being. It gives me such joy! A part of me applauds that I haven’t given up blogging (With two previous failures and a mastery of procrastination, what else could I expect?) But writing has always been a balm, a friend like no other. I could lose myself in analogies and alliterations all day long, immortalize my concerns and curiosities. I can’t get enough of the joy of explaining my writings to those who’ve just skimmed the surface of it. I can’t get enough of putting my berserk ideas on an online platform, even if nobody truly understands it. Maybe the magic of writing is just that. It doesn’t expect anything of you. In fact, it is the one true thing that embraces who you are.

I have been blogging about books and writing poetry for a long long time. There’s more to me than that and I’d like to be consistent with introducing new elements on my blog. But until then, I’m glad I have this… The fifth blog anniversary.

29th July


Crackle to the Beat, a Haiku.

Happy 4th Blog Anniversary! Here’s a Haiku I had written a couple of days back ^^

Booming and crackling,
I lash down on the smart world.
Some light for the herd.

– Meera

2 years of blogging and life is only getting brighter.

I made a decision a few years back. To set my mark on the literary-media sphere. To write to my hearts content and not hold back when it came to words. Be it of joy, scorn or even abash. I have stuck to that promise and written without hesitation – a novel, some articles published in the newspaper, few poems and even more prose. Today marks 2 years of my blogging life, 700 or so days of sharing bits and pieces of my life with others. And I already feel content, like I’ve made good progress on what I set out to do. But the lantern of goodwill is only shining bigger and brighter, paving greater ways for me to reach the peak.

WordPress has been a charm these past two years (though I’d like a greater collection of free themes 😛 ) urging me to write more, while it tracked and boasted my progress – likes, comments, rates – just so I’d get more motivated. My family and friends have been absolutely lovely forces of encouragement. And all you fellow bloggers and visitors, thank you for your time and opinions! Really, a massive thank you 🙂

So pop open the bottles and whisk out the cake, wherever you are, rejoice life and all your achievements. Guard them carefully like a shelf of trophies. Then wait… for the good, the better and the best in store for you.