Eyes Light Up

Copyright (c) Meera Nair, 2017.

She was, but a small
girl. T’was a rather large dream,
Jetting towards her.

– Meera


Far From Home

In the land of the deserts and camels,
Of turbans and veils,
It rarely rains.
The seldom ceasing summer is as bright and vibrant as ever.
Smiling down on us, the sun, with its golden rays
caresses all in its path with a soft Midas touch.
Bringing about a glimmer and a glitter on plants, ponds, benches and such.

The vast expanse of riches and glory,
Stand out, towering tall and mighty.
Skyscrapers reach out to the heavens,
In a silent face-off with each other.
Accepting all, this place of wealth, holds its arms open to natives and outsiders alike.

dubaaaaiIts palm tress and rainbow bushes, swaying in the subtle evening wind.
Magnificent waves roaring and crashing against the scenic creeks.
I had never felt so “at home” anywhere else.
It was my safe haven, my home.
Until very ruthlessly, fate yanked me away from this beloved place.

To this day, it still remains most favored.
To this day, my whole being yearns to go back.
Never mind, I tell myself, the time will come again,
When I step into the boundaries of this place, that I call home.


Hopes for the Future

All the dreams and aspirations like
Little soap bubbles, float higher above
Quickly dancing out of our reach.

Some stray for a while longer,
Whereas others tend to explode
Just when you decide to reach out for it.

For those (people) who aren’t quick enough,
they soar into the sky, never to be seen again.
Perhaps to go fall into somebody else’s clutches.

All of them different , filled with a rainbow of possibilities,
Some as strong as concrete,
Others as brittle as gelatin.

They bring with them, an array of opportunities,
It is up to us to pick the right ones.
Or sometimes, the wrong ones, that lead us to the right.

Our destiny is the final destination,
These targets, merely the path to it.
Regardless of what we choose,
These hopes for the future, keep up the zest,
They are what we live for,
Work for, die for.