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Terribly Tiny Tales

Disease, A Terribly Tiny Tale

“We are a disease apparently, a disorder.”

Hidden behind smiles, peeking when alone

They linger in a world tolerant of only sameness.

– Meera

Discover, A Terribly Tiny Tale

I am on an unceasing Scavenger Hunt. 
Discovering stories in uninhabited nooks.
Living the moment, awaiting my next clue. 

- Meera

Whisper, A Terrible Tiny Tale

Our dance, a whisper in my mind. Pending.

But never to take form.

– Meera

Procrastinate, A Terribly Tiny Tale

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“To procrastinate is no evil, for tomorrow will be a better day.” enthused Sloth.

Dejectedly, the present slipped away & no one noticed.

– Meera

Wake, A Terribly Tiny Tale

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Acres of decay, wake in unison.
A new generation has arrived.

Now they lead kindly light.



– Meera

Interesting, A Terrible Tiny Tale

“Show them that you are interesting. They’ll love you.”, he said. And then he turned around, walked out of her life.

Irony wasn’t his name.

It may not seem so, but writing a TTT is not easy, especially for people like me, who can’t write in a concise manner.  But a college event recently introduced me to this fantastic writing challenge. And I am going to keep trying. Not sure, if this even fits the form of a TTT, but its a first attempt. And I am feeling good so far.

Have a Nice Day, you all!

– Meera

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