May Photo A Day – Four Things

Woah! I can’t believe this is the last one. Just a month ago I started this challenge but it seems like a very short time has passed since then. So today’s (the very last one) theme is – four things. To post pictures of 4 random things. I selected pictures that have no connection, except that they are somehow part of my life (?) 😛

310520131232   310520131234 310520131235

Totally random, right? The first snap is of my casio, then my nail paint collection, followed by a jar of almonds and a screenshot of a Japanese manga – Death Note (its AWESOMEE!).

It was totally fun doing this challenge! And I once again thank the maker for this brilliant idea 🙂



May Photo A Day – Tool

Today’s challenge is the 2nd last one and the theme is “tool”. It could be  a picture of any tool, anything that helps you in life.
One of the best tools I possess is my blog. And its all thanks to WordPress. I can pour out my heart   and keep writing endlessly. There’s no restriction or limit to what I can write. I’m able to express myself and enhance my creativity. This blog is like a microphone that enables me to speak out loud, for people all over the world to hear. It increases one’s capacity to learn by interacting with people proficient in various fields. It is one of the best inventions ever and I’m ever so grateful! 😀




May Photo A Day – What You’re Doing Now

Hello everyone!

Today’s photo challenge is to post a picture of something you did today. You can pick whatever you want. Today I went back to school to meet my teachers and to thank them for their support and perseverance. Visiting school when the rest of the student body isn’t present was a unique experience. Usually it’s always buzzing with activity. Today I walked through the corridors that were never empty even during classes, only to find them devoid of any noise or activity. Reminiscing old memories, going over the scribblings on the desk, I was once again a student in the classroom.


May Photo A Day – Can’t Live Without

There are many things I can’t live without like my family, friends and the other standard things. But one of the most important thing is chocolate ice-cream! I love it!! Especially the Baskin-Robbins one. Sigh! It just makes me want to have an entire tub of ice-cream in one sitting and forget all about the calories that goes into making a pint of ice-cream 😛

So yea.. I don’t think I’d be able to survive without eating ice-cream often! 🙂

What is it that you can’t live without?


May Photo A Day – Fave thing to do on a Sunday

I have a bunch of things I like to do on Sundays which includes waking up late, reading till my hearts content, watching episode after episode of tv-shows I missed during the week. In other words I fully utilise my day, every second of it, do to what I’ve been yearning to do throughout the week.


That’s  a snap of my tab (as you can all see) which has lived through countless fantasies and thrillers and accompanied me along joyous rides of the literary world. It is second to oxygen for me 😀


May Photo A Day – Us

The term “us” can mean a lot of things! It could refer to your family, your friends, your neighbours and so on. To me, us ideally means all of the above but I like to think bigger so I chose a picture of the human race to mean “us”. The inhabitants of earth.

We are a species so unique, unlike others that existed before us as well as those who co-exist with us.