Guitar Chords — Let It Go by Demi Lovato

Disclaimer – I would like to highlight the fact that all my guitar and piano chords are obtained from Youtube and other sites. I take no credit for them as I haven’t come up with the chords/notes. The only thing I am doing here is posting it as a record for myself as well as for those of you who prefer to read the notes and learn.

Today I learnt another song by Demi Lovato. This one featured in the popular Disney movie Frozen (2013). I absolutely loved the movie! It’s a must watch for all Disney/animated movie fans. The chords for the song are :-

G ch


images (1)     




  images (2)

Verse – Em C D Am | Em C D A | Em C D Am | Em D A A |
Pre chorus – D D C C| C C |
Chorus – G D Em C (x4) | G D C C |
Bridge – G D Em C (x3) |

Strumming variations are –  Down strokes/ DUDD / DDU UDU

Have fun with the chords and strumming patterns. Make it your own! 🙂



Guitar Chords – Just Give Me A Reason by Pink

Hey y’all! 🙂
Today I’m posting the guitar chords for the song Just Give Me a Reason by Pink. There are several versions of it all over the WWW, but this one sounded more accurate to me. Thanks to the Guitar Goddess a.k.a Michelle (whose tutorial on youtube helped tons!). I just changed it a bit. The chords (pictures included in order) for this song are very very basic – Em , A, D , G , Bm and Dsus4 (left to right)


So to get started with the song..
Intro – Em | A | D | G | C | G | D |
4 beats for each chord, down strokes. On the last D just one single down stroke.

Verse – G | G | C | Em | C | C | G | D |
Play this line twice with the same strumming pattern of continuous down strokes.

Pre-chorus – Em | A | D | G | (this line thrice)
Bm | Dsus4 | D |

Chorus – G | G | D | D | Em | EM | Bm | D | (this line twice)
G | D |

Bridge – Em | Em | Bm | Bm | C | C | D | D |C | C | Bm | Bm | C | C | A | Bm | C | D | Dsus4
after the 2nd verse there’s the chorus and immediately after that you play the bridge.

After the bridge there’s the chorus which leads to the outro. It follows the same chord order as the chorus. So just keep playing the same thing till the end of the song and finish it off with a last single strum on G chord (at the end).

You can follow the strumming pattern “DDD DU” if you want. I prefer the just the down strokes.

That’s all for this one! Once you get the hang of the chord transition, it’s quite easy. Just listen and try to play along. Make changes if you think of a better alternative to any chord or pattern. And if so, please do comment, I would love to know! 🙂


Guitar Chords – Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

Hello everyone!!

Its been long long since I posted guitar chords to a song. So I’m going to post some in this week. Today I have put up chords to a widely popular Demi Lovato song – Heart Attack. I absolutely love this song. She’s got a very strong and bold voice which totally makes this song a big HIT! Apart from the lyrics, I think the emotion carried forth through her voice gives more emphatic meaning to the heartfelt words.

I don’t use a capo. So here are the chords played without a capo.
C# ; D# ;  Fm ; G#

Intro – C# D# Fm C# C# D#
The strumming pattern applies for each chord but on the last D# chord you only strum once.

Verse & Pre-chorus – C# G# D# Fm
You play the whole of the verse and pre-chorus in the same order of chords again and again.

Chorus – C# G# D# Fm (this line twice)
C# D# Fm C# C# D(single strum on D)
C# G# D# Fm (this line thrice)

Bridge – Fm C# G# D# (this line twice)

Strumming Pattern – DDDDU

Its an amazing song and what’s even more amazing is if you can play along while you sing. So don’t think too much and just get started. Once you run through the chords a few times, it should be more easier to play. Any questions please let me know. I’m always ready to help! 🙂


Guitar Chords – Hotel California by The Eagles

Hotel California has always been (and will always be) one of the classic acoustic guitar songs, one of the best out there. Its one of my personal favourites. Most of the beginner guitar books will feature this song. I have been looking for a  non-capo version and I finally found it on youtube. Its not that difficult to play. It took me about 3-4 hours to get it perfectly.

Chords Used are (in order with pictures)  – Bm, F#,  A,  E, G, D, Em, Bm7

Verse – Bm F# A E
G D Em F#
Chorus – G D Em Bm7
G D Em F#

Strumming – DD UUD DDU

As easy as that… some of the chords may sound a little too advanced for the new guitar players but it shouldn’t be too hard to grasp after playing it a few times 🙂



Guitar Chords – Mine by Taylor Swift

Once again, am posting the chords for a really old song. But I always think that for beginners who want an easy version to play – THIS HAS TO BE IT! When I was learning to play guitar there were just so many versions to play the song, it was mind boggling! Finally after a lot of research this is what I used to play the song. And it sounds close to perfect!










Chords used are – C G D Eminor

Verse – C G D D (8)
Chorus – C G D Em D
The chords for the verse are 2 beats each. And the whole thing is played 8 times.
The chords for the chorus are 1 beats each except for Em and D at the end which are only half beats.

Strumming Pattern – DDU UDU (verse)
All down strokes (for chorus)

Hope you enjoy! GO TAYLOR! 😀


Guitar Chords – Price Tag by Jessie J

Hey guys! Today am going to post the guitar chords that I use to play Price tag by Jessie J. I am also putting up pictures of how to play the chords (for beginners).

Chords for the song are – G D Eminor C
The whole song is played in the same order. You can use different strumming pattern for the chorus and the verses so that it sounds a little better. Otherwise it can get boring playing the same thing over and over again for the whole song.

Strumming Pattern – DDD DUUD DD (for verse)
D D DU UD D DU (for chorus)
These are both just veriations of one strumming pattern. You can create as many variations you want with one pattern. So be creative! Plus, strumming is something that comes naturally. The moment you hear the song and you know the chords, your hands will automatically start strumming new patterns every time (atleast mine does).
Hope you enjoy the song! Any questions, please ask! 🙂