Nail Art – Arrow Inspired

imageThat tendency of mine to make even arrows look like stick figures 😀 Nevertheless I’ve been binge watching episodes of the TV series Arrow and I love it so much. Some obvious inspiration led me to display this new found obsession on my nails too.  Plus, The Hood’s color combo is green and black.

Hope you guys have been having a good day! 🙂




Nail Art – Neon Bits

Its so upsetting when you have a bright neon green nail paint and your skin tone doesn’t match it. Mine almost looks garish when I paint it as a base tone so now I have to resort to using the color only for designs. Which is alright I guess.


RAWR! Does that remind you of a wild carnivorous plant with its mouth gaping open? No? My mom’s first opinion was such. Anyhow, I’m pleased with how its turned out.

– Meera


Nail Art — Swirls & Vines

This is a rather fun technique that I revert to every time I don’t have many designs in mind. Drawing swirls and roots-like twirls not only looks nice with a good color combo but its easy!



Oh, its been so long since I last posted a nail art photo. Signs of a bored hobby? I wonder what I will take on, now that I don’t do much of these. After all, some or the other hobby has to take its place. Maybe I should resume my language learning *hmm*

– Meera


Nail Art — Dotted Spirals and Waves

image   So I got this idea of dotted spirals off Google. But it looked a lot more cooler on that person firstly because of the matte violet color and gold dots that she had done. And secondly it was perfect in a very professional way. 

But anyhow this looks okay, I guess 😛

Amidst all that’s going on, I had half a mind to just paint some random color and not do any designs but then its the one weekly hobby thing that I regularly follow and *touch wood* haven’t given up yet. So thought I’d do something simple! Plus turquoise is my new favourite color!

– Mia