My name is Meera Nair. 21 years old, living in Bangalore. Some terms to catch you up about my personality would be – bibliophile, insane, loves sleeping (the snoring kind. What were you thinking?), lipstick hoarder, TV show addict. I have a weird laughter. Usually, thats all that is needed to crack up my parents and brother. A best friend of mine describes it as “ferret noises”. But oh well, I’d rather that than pretend to giggle like a poised lady. At times, I’m mind boggled by the choices I will eventually have to make. When that happens, I procrastinate like nobody’s business and plonk down on my bed with a book. But apart from that, I am mostly responsible, although I can’t cook healthy food.

I graduated with a triple major degree in Media & Mass Communication, Psychology and English. It is a dangerous combination, you see. I can do a literary analysis on your outfit, while giving you a psychological briefing on why you speak the way you do, all the while posting an article on social media. I am not cocky, I promise. I used to be an introvert.

Anyhow, thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚ Do leave a comment, if you have a suggestion for my blog or simply want to talk, or tell me about your blog.

Have a Great Day!

– Meera