The One Where Time Flies Soon

A few haiku to mark two splendid weeks.20150607_145927

Dance of the corn fields
Usher in the beginning.
Smiling faces wait.

Calm before a storm
Sense the inevitable.
Yet we look away.

A savior lighthouse.
Knowledge shines through the dark times,
While hungry hands wrote.

Sunny and gusty
Days warrant new dynamics.
To Deal or no deal?

The mist elevates
To clarity, as echoes
Bare a better truth.

Mama Turtles wave.
I see my path home in the
Gentlest of manners.

Two weeks depart like
A wish on the wind and soon
The rest will follow.

– Meera.


2 thoughts on “The One Where Time Flies Soon

  1. Harini says:

    Well written. You described your 2 weeks so beautifully. I cant seem to write haiku’s to save my life.

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