A messenger, as it, would bring a little love in a lot of trinkets.

Carried by the wind, reminding others of their dormant zest.

Eliciting a giggle with every fluttering hem,

Or a rejoicing sway during the night wandering.

Do you feel it too? This caress of the windsurfer – driven & happy.

One with the air, it fashions no reins.

Going where the wind shall lead, it hath no pains.

For this visitor of lands bleak and untidy, derives

Its joy from the immutable smile of others.

What an adventure would it be, to be a windsurfer,

Friend of the old, new and blue,

Carrier of a determined chill and an agent of action.

– Meera



4 thoughts on “Windsurfer.

  1. Monika Joneja says:

    Wow..this poem is like feeling the gentle wind on your following your heart unrestrained..Good work

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