The Lights Do Flicker.


GIF Courtesy of mrdiv.tumblr


A sphere awash with colors.
Colors that one doesn’t heed.
Since heeding took up time.
And time is as costly as money.

If we could have our own lights.
Lights that would change color.
Then what color would set aside
Any side of this sphere?

But dim now and bright before.
Would bright then again repeat?
In this fast lane, repeats gone,
Gone before a heart’s beat.

– Meera


3 thoughts on “The Lights Do Flicker.

  1. Hey Meera! I can’t find your about page to get your email address, but I wanted to let you know you’ve won my giveaway!
    Sorry about the wait, I’ve been ridiculously busy and without an internet connection.

    CONGRATS!! Shoot me an email on with your details and I’ll get it sent off to you! =D

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