Better Unsaid

We do what we must,
In every situation.
To smile and cope,
With no inhibition.

But sometimes these
Sentiments, they last
Buzzing unstoppable &
No closure.

Blame it on chance,
Who gave me no choice.
But would I’ve saved
This relation from foils?

And then your absence
Sealed the day.
Never to be seen again.
Like an erased film.

Bidding silent goodbye to
Gradual introductions;
Temporary acquaintances and
Stagnant Conversations.

Is the unsaid really
For the better?
Will it present myriad
Possibilities or merely
A dash for hope.

Now the day and the people
Reside like a distant memory.
Important yet feeble,
With loose ends and
An entangled mark.

– Meera


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