Okay so tell me! How do you do it? How in the world, do you read 3-4 books at a time? No wait, I know people who read more than 4 books at a time, which personally I think is craazyy! No offense, please. I really would like to read more than a book at a time, cause lets face it – too many books and so little time. But somehow, when I look at another book, regardless of how mind blowing it is, I just cant bring myself to abandon the one I’m currently reading. Doesn’t make much sense though right? Whether you’d read two books together or one after the other, you’re still devoting the same amount of time. Its just a very crafty illusion that makes you think you are reading faster. Hah! Gotcha!

But still, tell me?

Then there are times when I wake up and since my bookshelf is right in front of my bed, I see all these beautiful little paperbacks and wish I could read ten books at a time. You know, just lay out ten books side by side and read them together, one page each at a time. Silly, huh? But wouldn’t it be fun? What do I know, I’ve never read two books together. I feel that when two stories are read in the same time frame, you don’t really get the true essence of each one. And plots, characters begin to sort of merge(?). But maybe I’m just plain crazy cause so many people have 3 books in their “currently reading” shelves. Is that some kind of a disorder, where you can’t focus on two things at a time? Because I do multi-task and I rely on my multitasking skills to get through my priorities in a day. But two books? Just not happening!


– Meera