Book Addict Wonders : Bookshelf Organization

Hey everyone!

I started a new post venture called “Book Addict Wonders” wherein I will be posting my thoughts on different questions related to books. As of now, its meant to be a self generated question that is thought out through the post, but if you have any queries, feel free to ask 🙂

So let’s face it, I’m not a very organized person. I was more than happy to read the latest article about creativity breeding in messy areas. I now have proof why its totally okay that my bed consists of a pile of random stuff like nail polish, books, pens, hair bands, earphones, college notes, scraps of paper and other indiscernible items that are still buried underneath the heap. But when it comes to my bookshelf (the “book” bookshelf and not the college books bookshelf, you get it right?) I am as prissy as possibly can be. If I could frame each book, I would. But till I come up with a better plan, keeping the shelf and each book dust free is a life motto.

It is not an easy task, but I sort of manage. Now the real question is how do I organize the books? Based on author/name/color/genre? I have never really focused on such kinds of organizational tactics but of late, the number of books is growing and spilling out of the three shelves allotted to me. Time I push aside some of the parents’ books, huh? 😛 Anyhow, apart from grouping all my classics together, I don’t have much fun with bookshelf organization. So I figured, this time when I clean the shelves I shall place them with respect to “read and to be read”. The topmost shelf (about one fourth of my books) will be the ones I’ve read and the rest will be a jumble of ones I’ve yet to read. I was thinking I’ll place them not genre-wise but mixed. So one shelf would have a whole bunch of different genres like thriller, historical fiction, fantasy, chick lit, classics etc.

How do you organize your books? Any specific ideas that I could try out?



What do you think?

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