Stuck In Utopia

Another competition entry.. This time a college event (Media Meet ’14).

Instilling in us, a sense of loyalty,
The nation grapples for an unblemished surface.
A folly here, another there,
Dusted away with fictional smiles. ‘Tis right
No other like this, could carve out
Perfection, from its inception. Glorious galore,
Visitors do see. Not a breath
Out of place or a gesture in haste.
Wine and merry, but they merrily do whine.
Ramrod straight postures of thine,
Incline toward another for reprieve. But all’s
Decided well, in this dome of sustenance. For an
Attempt out of line is a choice too grave.
In lieu of peace, our coffers shall suffice.
Till, that time, another brave heart arise.
In this life, enraptured by the webs,
We witness the same dawn. Maybe sometime else
We’d have broken away from the bonds.

– Mia


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