5 things that Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 could do better.

Disclaimer: I mean no offense to anyone associated with the show. Nor am I, in any way, claiming to be more experienced and knowledgeable than the judges, participants and hosts. I only intend to express why I think the show is losing its lustre. 

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is an Indian dance show, broadcast on Colors channel, and sad to say is falling short of everything it was meant to be.  Previously my family and I would watch with rapt attention. Every weekend called for a celebration of food, drinks and dance. And Jhalak was an integral part of our weekend celebration. Now, not so much. And it is disheartening that the show is going so off track. Here are some aspects that make me reach for the remote:

1. The astoundingly large (and annoying) amount of time wasted on non- dance entertainment.
With every episode, there’s less and less of dance being shown. It’s almost as if, the show’s focus is shifting from dance to comedy. True that some activities keep the atmosphere light but there is no need to spend five minutes on making rotis or 3 minutes on making all the guys frog-leap across the stage. Nuh uh! Don’t even get me started on all the pointless teasing that goes on in between every performance.

2. Their attempted sense of humour is getting unbearable.
With all due respect to Manish, I think the extent of his jokes are getting a little out of hand. He is undoubtedly a brilliant anchor but please, show off some of your skill by speaking about the dance performances more than taking a dig at KJ and the participants. Sense of humour is a good thing but even you have to agree, there’s a line between being witty and downright lame. Plus bringing in Palak and Gutthi? Not the best move. They are perfect where they belong, but could we please leave out some of the corniness? Also with the age of scripted reality shows, who knows how much of their humour is planned and not spontaneous.

3. The infuriating partiality of the judges.
Yes, I am talking about our prestigious judges. They have all been exceptional guides but I can’t help feeling there’s some bias involved. Like when they thought Kiku danced better than Kushal Punjabi. As a budding dancer, Kiku deserves the opportunity to experience more of dancing but in the face off round, Kushal was definitely the winner yet he was eliminated. And at times their scores make no sense. Giving 8/10 to a barely-there dancer doesn’t boost their morale. It makes them think they are at par with the other well deserving participants.

4. A slight tendency to ignore the choreographers.
Admittedly, during the comments by judges, they do appreciate or correct the choreographers. Though not as much as they deserve. Often I have noticed when the participants are interacting with the guest of the day, the respective choreographer just stands at the back, away from the spotlight. Why is that? And even the voting is solely focused on the celeb participant. It seems like the celebs are the real deal and the choreographer an accessory. So on behalf of the public, three cheers to all the brilliant choreographers!

5. Something is lacking in the “Kuch Alag” aspect of the show.
Lastly, a lot of the challenges and twists in the show were not in tune with its “kuch alag” (meaning something new) aspect. If memory serves me right, the prop challenge is past its expiry date and has been used en-number of times. Its a good way to judge their adaptability but then again nothing new. Challengers is a brilliant concept, but it happened what – twice? Last year too, once only a few contestants were left, two teams were formed – much like this year. In their defence, they said “something new” not everything, but there’s still loads of repetitions to truly give the show a unique factor.

I hope next season is better cause when there are dancers like Shakti, Mouni and TJ paired up with exceptionally talented choreographers like Tushar, Puneet and Jack; there’s much to look forward to in such a dance show.  They are my top 3 choice of finalists.



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