The Beckon of A Life

A whisper of life.
Afraid to live, afraid to fly
Cocooned in the Warmth of my palms.
Looks up with wishful eyes.
“Could I live here?”, the little thing
Asks of me. “Right here in the folds, between
The clouds and the grass.”
It’s tiny aspirations, catching me
Off-guard. Before I could say, bits of
Its essence fluttered away.
Riding the wind, it settled in space.
Neither here, nor there – just like all
The other. Found its destination, yes
It finally did. Proud as a momma it
Turned and looked, as if waving goodbye
To a child in doubt. Weren’t the roles
Reversed here? How I suddenly looked on
With yearning, wishing it back. How it
Suddenly went on sprinting as if the
World left to discover with its tiny little sack.


P.S – Love you Dad & Mom! ^^ A little something for the both of you..


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