Now many of you read that title and must have reacted like “Eww! How can you not comb your hair?” Believe me! I used to think that too. But during my search for tricks and tips to manage curly hair, I stumbled upon quite a few curly girls who thought combing curly hair is a big “no no”. Now I’m not saying that their verdict is final because its really a matter of individual preference! So who is to judge?

Its debatable – either comb curly hair and have a huge poofy mass on your head or don’t comb and leave it all tangly, looking like a nest. But I think with proper care, either of the options can be tuned to get the finest results. And through the course of these posts, I’m going to be doing the experimenting. For starters, here’s what my hair looked like during different phases of the routine.


I don’t know if you can clearly see each picture. Anyhow, so the first one is taken right after I washed my hair, while it was damp. Then I let it dry for 5 hours or so and tied a bun while sleeping. The 2nd one is taken after I woke up. Not a good condition is it? The strands itself look confused – trying to decide which way they want to settle. I combed my hair with a wide toothed comb and removed all tangles. By then it was very very poofy and frizzy but I put on the L’oreal Instant Smoothing Serum and once again tied a bun and left for college. The hour long bus ride and once I reached college, my hair looked like it does in the 3rd picture. Now that doesn’t look so bad!  I think.

Maybe combing curly hair is not such a bad thing to do, if you can take good care of it. Like put some serum or oil in it and all the flyaway hair will be set.

That’s the decision I arrived at. See if it works for you?