Curl Diaries – Documenting life as a Curly Girl.

Hello people!

I have been cooking up a new blog post initiative for quite a while and now its finally time to bring it to the notice of others. For as long as I can remember, I have been wanting stick-straight, non tangly hair. My mom would spend hours straightening my waist long hair and it’d be smooth, silky for few days – only to repeat the same process every week. Not any more though. I have gotten to that point where I can begin to appreciate what I have and make the best of my curls. My hair tends to get very dry if not taken care of and so I’ve done a lot of research on how to maintain my kind of noodle-y curls but didn’t find much that was helpful. Hence I am going to start journalling all my attempts to have soft shiny long hair through these ‘Curl Diaries’ posts. Maybe it’ll help someone else too…

I still can’t figure out what kind of curly my hair is (yup! there’s many kinds of curly hair) so here’s a picture of what it looks like, just so if you know.. let me know?


Okay so here’s the plan, I’m going to be trying out different things with my hair and see what works best. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been walking around like Brave from the Disney movie, well sort of! Her hair just seems  better at looking “messy good” whereas mine, at the end of the day is messy like a “bird nest”.

At times though, I achieve  the look I want and that’s bliss! Through these posts I wish to ascertain for a fact – what’s best for curly hair – the products, the routines, the hairstyles and so on…





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