Bout of Books 10 Wrap Up

So there’s like an hour left for the completion of BOB read-a-thon. And like I mentioned before I’m nowhere near accomplishing my goal. I am done with two of the intended four books and a quarter into the third one. I feared as much that with other priorities taking over, I might not surely finish it. But anyhow it’s been great fun. I participated in around 4-5 challenges. And though I couldn’t take part in the twitter chats, for a first time experience, it was enjoyable. One thing I did realize throughout this week is that I don’t like to speed-read, if that makes sense. I’d much rather take my own sweet time enjoying a book than try to read towards a goal. I admit that it was meant to be a ‘no pressure’ kind of thing. But the moment you set a goal, pressure to complete it sort of seeps in.

To end things, I give the readathon a thumbs up and to the hosts for coming up with the idea. Next time I’m going to take things more easy breezy.

– Mia


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