Participating in Bout of Books 10!

Hello All!

I have decided to participate in Bout of Books 10 read-a-thon. Considering its already 11th May and I have less than 5 hours before the read-a-thon starts, it was an impulse decision. I read about it just now and couldn’t believe my luck that this is happening during my summer break. As it is I’ve been on a reading spree since my internship got over, this is just perfect! And I can’t wait… ^^

bout of books 10


You should TOTALLY sign up. Here’s the link – Bout of Books 10.0 SignUp

My Goal – To read minimum 4 books, because I usually read around 2-3 a week. And to post reviews for them all.


Hope I finish ’em! 😀


Monday :
Participated in – (Challenge) If you like X, try Y.
Progress – Read 100 pages of Different by Alycia Linwood.

Participated in – (Challenge) Make a list of most anticipated reads @RiverCityReadin
Progress – Finished around 11 chapters of Different.

Wednesday :
Participated in – (Challenge) ‘This’ Makes Me Think of ‘That’
Progress – Finished Different by Alycia Linwood; Read 13% of Destruction by Sharon Bayliss
Reviewed – Different by Alycia Linwood

– Mia

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