There are times when the urge to possess something is so strong, it clogs our thought process. How we obtain it, ceases to matter. Hours are spent, not looking for reasons why we need it, but looking for various alternatives of how to gain it. This “it” that I speak of, doesn’t necessarily have to be an object, at times it can be a person or a position or even a delusion sense of self. Our Id knows no other tactic. Unlike a conniving individual, it doesn’t sugar-coat the urges in an effort to bend our will. A hairline margin that differentiates needs and wants are that our survival heavily depends on the needs we have. Our wants? Not so much. Left unconditioned, our wants have no bounds. They crush logic and reason, victorious in a battle between our feeble convictions.

There have been times when I have caught myself yearning for something, without which life would still go on as normal. And that too yearning so deeply as if my existence depended on it. All it takes is a reality check to burst that bitter-sweet bubble. Snapping awake from the reverie of such greed doesn’t take too long. Once you acknowledge the irrationality, these temporary state of wants blows away like a wisp of smoke. In order to get there, one must ask of himself/herself, questions concerning the vitality of this desire and instead of a brief glance, widen your senses and look for the answer. It will come to you, as easily as that. Sometimes the heart knows what the mind is trying to convey, but simply refuses to see.  For me, time returns the ability to deduce what is needed and that which is not. Experience unveils the curtain behind which we see the truth.

Albeit at times, giving in seems more convenient and favourable, you learn to carve gems out of stones and not neglect what you have.