Firstly I would like to give credit to MissJenFABULOUS who has amazing nail art videos on Youtube. Her channel is definitely worthy of every minute you spend there. This was inspired by one of her videos.  Thanks a ton for sharing! 🙂

I did this one a while ago. Nevertheless it’s a new design and so I thought I’d share it. I am trying to move onto perfecting more complex designs, not that this is particularly complex. It just involved a few more steps than my usual, simple designs. I put a base coat of white to give the green and yellow a more opaque look. I painted one half of each nail yellow, then the other half green. After it dried for a couple of minutes, I made rapid strokes of red with the detailing brush. The trick here is to do it fast so that the messy look is more natural. The more time and focus you take to do each nail, the more chances are that you are going to end up with neat lines, which doesn’t look all that great. As you can see my pointer and middle finger didn’t turn out to look great because of that very mistake. Enjoy with different combinations! 🙂