Hello people! So my end-sem exams are nearing and as I devote more time to the texts, I am missing out a lot on my blogging! Ugh ><
Anyway, I’m always scribbling bits and pieces of random words/poetry lines in all of my books during class. Here’s something meaningful, I put together one day.

It’s not my arrogance, that you see.
Nor is it my hate, that you feel.
I’m merely protecting myself
From all the hurt that’s bound to follow.
Know that, were there a way
Around this, I’d pick it.
Not once did I entertain any hurtful thoughts.
Know that, despite your indifference,
I wavered.
Could this be any more complex?
You’re not one I can wish away.
You’re not one I can let stay.

Good day peeps! đŸ™‚