Book Review — DarkFever by Karen Marie Moning

So before I begin with the review, I must admit that this is the first Fae book I’ve read. And though I didn’t know what to expect, I was pretty thrilled to get started! 😀

DarkFever is the first book in the Fever trilogy by Karen Moning. It narrates an intricately woven story about MacKayla Lane, the typical California girl. She loves dressing up; being at the center of the spotlight; light flirty banter – you get the picture! She leads a very ordinary life, until one fine day it comes tumbling down like a house of cards. It started out with the death of her sister and soon grew into something outrageous. She comes across an entirely new realm of creatures known as the Fae. Their true nature concealed, these Fae cast glamours that mask their actual appearance. Invisible to the human eye, they prey on humans in more ways than one – some by draining out the life essence others by using their pincer like mouths to suck blood out of the helpless victims. Everything she’s known about herself becomes rather questionable when she has to acknowledge a part of her, that until now, she was unaware of. Not only that but she is one of the sidh-seers (humans who can see the Fae) and its up to her to make sure her sister’s dying efforts don’t go wasted, by trying to find the Sinsar Dubh which is a book that contains the Unseelie (bad Fae) King’s dark spells.

I really really liked this one. It’s perfectly paced and keeps you on your tippy toes at every point. There are no portions that you would want to skip or so. Karen Moning has portrayed Mac as a character, so innocent and happy-go-lucky in the beginning, that its quite stunning to see how brilliantly she gets transformed into a warrior-like vigilant woman. The before-Mac and after-Mac are polars apart. But then again, when you have to grab the reins and take over the chariot, one has very little choice but to make bold decisions.
The Fae realm is divided into 2 – the Seelie (good) and the Unseelie (bad). They each have their own powerful relics that Mac has an aversion to.  The Sinsar Dubh is one of the four relics of the Unseelie court. And it was her sister’s dying wish that they had to get hold of it. Regardless of her strong revulsion against these relics, will Mac be able to get it before the others do? READ TO FIND OUT! 😛

Ratings – 5 stars on 5!


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