Guitar Chords – Just Give Me A Reason by Pink

Hey y’all! 🙂
Today I’m posting the guitar chords for the song Just Give Me a Reason by Pink. There are several versions of it all over the WWW, but this one sounded more accurate to me. Thanks to the Guitar Goddess a.k.a Michelle (whose tutorial on youtube helped tons!). I just changed it a bit. The chords (pictures included in order) for this song are very very basic – Em , A, D , G , Bm and Dsus4 (left to right)


So to get started with the song..
Intro – Em | A | D | G | C | G | D |
4 beats for each chord, down strokes. On the last D just one single down stroke.

Verse – G | G | C | Em | C | C | G | D |
Play this line twice with the same strumming pattern of continuous down strokes.

Pre-chorus – Em | A | D | G | (this line thrice)
Bm | Dsus4 | D |

Chorus – G | G | D | D | Em | EM | Bm | D | (this line twice)
G | D |

Bridge – Em | Em | Bm | Bm | C | C | D | D |C | C | Bm | Bm | C | C | A | Bm | C | D | Dsus4
after the 2nd verse there’s the chorus and immediately after that you play the bridge.

After the bridge there’s the chorus which leads to the outro. It follows the same chord order as the chorus. So just keep playing the same thing till the end of the song and finish it off with a last single strum on G chord (at the end).

You can follow the strumming pattern “DDD DU” if you want. I prefer the just the down strokes.

That’s all for this one! Once you get the hang of the chord transition, it’s quite easy. Just listen and try to play along. Make changes if you think of a better alternative to any chord or pattern. And if so, please do comment, I would love to know! 🙂



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