한글 – Learning Korean Letters

Hey guys! Its been almost 2 months since I started learning Korean and there hasn’t been a moment when I didn’t pride myself on it. I can now say basic phrases and have a limited vocabulary of around 50-60 words.
I personally love learning languages. So according to me, the first step was to start from kinder-gardener standards- by learning the basic consonants and vowels, using picture books and such.

Google being my first option, I came across these (above) pictures which helped me a lot. Initially I learnt the letters without following the proper stroke orders. But now, I feel it’s much much better to write it in the exact same stroke order. It not only improves your handwriting but (atleast for me) also gives a more authentic feeling while writing. But its your choice. Do it any which way, as long as your comfortable with it 😀

The first 2 pics depict the consonants. In the 3rd picture the first 12 characters are the basic vowels. The rest that follow are known as “Diphthongs” which is nothing but a combination of vowels.

I also watched a few youtube vids to learn the pronunciation. There are loads to choose from like this one or this one. 😛  These 2 are extremely helpful.
I have decided to blog about my journey into this beautiful Korean world. So henceforth, I’ll frequently be posting about what I learn (as I learn it) 🙂




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