Restoring the Beauty

In today’s world where beauty is heightened with various catalysts, it is truly heart-warming to see natural beauty tampered by nothing. I have never been interested in sight-seeing before. But these scenic pictures are a treat to the eye. The fact that such God-given beauty still remains intact is truly astounding. You’d think that human habitation is enough to demolish such places.

There’s always been a part of me that feels strongly about preserving and maintaining such sights. Be it the place I’m living or any corner of the world. However just “feeling strongly” gets you nowhere, unless you are ready to act with conviction. Like the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words”. Living in India, there are times when I absolutely abhor being a part of this country. The condition of some areas is more than pitiful. Its in that state of broken down construction where nobody is interested in the plot any more. So then why cut down all those trees? And why leave it in a half-done state of rubble and garbage? Not long ago, the greenery wasn’t half as depleted it is now. The smell of wet mud during rainy season was something to look forward to. The flora and fauna (that were in abundance) would perfectly fit the frame, almost as if endorsing the lush forests and urging tourists to go click-click.

Nowadays… not so much! Its a great effort to prevent my eyes from tearing up when I step out of the house. Seeing the condition of such places, awakens the patriot in me. And she doesn’t like it one bit. I start getting absurd thoughts. Like of situations where I’d snap my fingers and all the dirt would dissipate, all the wilting plants would glow with life and all the jobless would be sufficiently employed. Okay, this is a little more than absurd. Its downright crazy, I know. Believe me, I am not welcoming thoughts of Godly power or anything. But a little change here and there wouldn’t be so bad, right?

You must be thinking, “if she feels that way, why ain’t she doing anything about it!”. Right on! Its true. Sitting at home and grumbling is not good enough. I’ve learnt to accept that. Now for the next step to actually do something and help revert back the beauty in our lands to those of the olden times. I believe the time will come. And when it comes, I won’t back down. I’ve faith in this generation, in all of us and our abilities. We’ll find a way, soon, and we’ll lead the change. To restore the beauty not only in nature but also our heart, mind and soul.


What do you think?

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