Guitar Chords – Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

Hello everyone!!

Its been long long since I posted guitar chords to a song. So I’m going to post some in this week. Today I have put up chords to a widely popular Demi Lovato song – Heart Attack. I absolutely love this song. She’s got a very strong and bold voice which totally makes this song a big HIT! Apart from the lyrics, I think the emotion carried forth through her voice gives more emphatic meaning to the heartfelt words.

I don’t use a capo. So here are the chords played without a capo.
C# ; D# ;  Fm ; G#

Intro – C# D# Fm C# C# D#
The strumming pattern applies for each chord but on the last D# chord you only strum once.

Verse & Pre-chorus – C# G# D# Fm
You play the whole of the verse and pre-chorus in the same order of chords again and again.

Chorus – C# G# D# Fm (this line twice)
C# D# Fm C# C# D(single strum on D)
C# G# D# Fm (this line thrice)

Bridge – Fm C# G# D# (this line twice)

Strumming Pattern – DDDDU

Its an amazing song and what’s even more amazing is if you can play along while you sing. So don’t think too much and just get started. Once you run through the chords a few times, it should be more easier to play. Any questions please let me know. I’m always ready to help! 🙂



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