May Photo A Day – Morning Ritual

So today’s photo challenge is to share a picture of something you do most mornings. This is something…different yet thoughtful. What better way to get to know your blogger friends :).  There’s nothing in particular that I do early in the morning apart from the daily routine of brushing, coffee, breakfast and so on. But there’s one minor detail that could possibly be included in this photo challenge – I like to admire my bookshelf. You see, my bed is positioned in such a way that its diagonally facing my bookshelf. So first thing in the morning, as I open my eyes, I’d glance in that direction; go through all the books I have neatly arranged (height wise); put a tick (in my mind ofcourse) against the books I have yet to read; and just lovingly gaze at them 😀 I do it most mornings and I don’t really tire easily of this seemingly random task.


Pardon my horrendous photography skills 😛 this is the best I could do after a few attempts. 😀




What do you think?

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