Being Nocturnal

They say, early to bed and early to rise is a customary practice for a healthy life. Could be true or maybe not? If there’s a scientific explanation behind that, I am yet to find one that I can truly absorb.Ā  I am a nocturnal person by nature. I’d rather stay up at night to complete any pending work than wake up early in the morning. There used to be a time when I wouldn’t even acknowledge the alarm going off early in the morning (due to my deep slumber). I believe I am sort of dead to the world after dawn. I could sleep through a stampede and probably wouldn’t budge an inch from under the blankets. The days I don’t have much to do at night, I’d just be lying on the bed thinking of what-ifs and making a list of things-to-do tomorrow. I even like to glance out the windows at the city lights turning off one by one and sometimes I get all philosophical (reflecting on life and other aspects). Regardless of the time I go to sleep, I just cannot wake up anytime before 10 a.m. It is the way it is – what to do?! šŸ˜€

In school, during classes, my friends and I would beg our teachers to give us a 10 minute break. Convincing them took the rest half of our efforts (the first half being used up trying to stay awake šŸ˜› ) and before they could even utter a word we’d all be snoring and halfway through our day dreams.

So yeah, am definitely a night owl (and I am even fascinated with owl shaped jewellery xD )

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