We have all reached that fork,
Where we must part ways.
Some will accompany in yet another journey,
Only to separate at a later stage.

Seemingly, its time for final goodbyes.
But it doesn’t have to be that way,
doesn’t have to be the end of priceless friendships.

The everyday chatter, contagious yawns,
Will all cease to be the monotonous routine.
Things that would earlier, irritate us to no end,
will be recalled with earnest longing.

All moments of laughter, frustration,mockery
stored forever as intangible memorabilia.
These two years have been the most crucial,
nevertheless not a day went by without our daily dose of fun!

The fights, the make-ups,
The mess-ups and unfortunate break-ups.
Were often the matter of heated discussion.

Today as I look back,
determined to remember every bit of it.
I am overwhelmed with emotions.
I only hope that regardless of where we are, we stay connected.
Its a small world with a big networking system,
Shouldn’t be that difficult, right? 🙂