living life king size

There’s no happiness, like the one that can make you glow. A bright aura of self sufficiency and merriment.

There’s no joy like the one that makes you want to smile all the time. Materialistic aspects become insignificant. Even a small gesture of love, generosity and care – makes  your day.

A glorious memory from the past, revives you of any bitterness. All it takes is realization to know, how lucky you actually are! And that realization comes from others’ bad fortunes.

Your will power, reasoning capabilities all improve for good. The motto being to live life to the fullest. Minor things that would’ve usually bothered you a great deal, tend to cower in the background. No longer possessing the strength to attack.

Staying happy becomes natural. This adrenaline rush – you don’t know where its coming from or rather what particularly is triggering it, but you don’t have any objection towards it. It replaces your worst fears, tensions and spreads colourful thoughts.

The term ‘future’ holds too many good possibilities to rule out any bad. Doubts are completely erased and you know for sure that no matter what, you are happy with yourself and you always will be.

For good or for worse, you begin to love everything associated with your life.

“You don’t need a palace to live like a king. Just true happiness to increase life’s grandeur” 


One thought on “living life king size

  1. Our Life is not always the same. It brings happiness as well as sadness. Sometimes life is very simple and at other times it’s very complicated. I think we should live our lives like kings and queens; then each day of our life will become extremely beautiful. Read more & share your thoughts on

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