hAlloween in rosewood. trick or treat?

Words been around that the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars would reveal one member of the A team. True or not? Watch to find out!
Trick or treat in Rosewood never fails to leave a mark on the lives of the liars. Its the day of impending doom, the day when dirty secrets come out of the hiding holes. As always, the 4 liars are dressed as fashionably as possible.

In this heart pounding episode, hints are strewn everywhere. Pieces of the puzzle surface, dismantling  previously formed conclusions. Just when you begin to assume someone is innocent, they are put in such a situation that forces you to think otherwise. Its like rope climbing. In order to reach the top, you are bound to make several slip ups. Poor little liars, always back to square 1 in the A biz. 😀

Once again we get to see the creepy-baby masked figures. Just looking at them, I got   goosebumps. They seemed to be everywhere. Literally! Watching  and waiting. Its absurd enough that A has got eyes in every nook and corner of Rosewood! Now her/his minions too?!

Someone nearly lost their life whereas someone else bought a one way ticket to heaven. Some new questions, some new answers. A whirlpool of doubts are circulating among the pll fans!

The end of the episode shows a horrifying scene! What are we to make of that? Possibilities are running wild in my mind. And I can barely calm the “fluttering” down. Excitement, anxiety, terror all bubble together. Every minute of the episode was worth the wait. But now that the moment has passed, it seems really unfair to have to wait till January 8th for the rest of the season.

Which PLL did you like best in this episode? I liked Hanna.:D



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