How is it, that I can feel angry and sympathetic towards someone at the same time?

How is it that I can consider a person guilty as well as innocent?

This indefinable  sentiment is gnawing away at me. It breeds confusion, frustration and helplessness.

As a battle is waged between heart and mind, between right and wrong, one thing is certain – no outcome is to be yielded of this. The soul runs to and fro, trying to end this dispute, but its a futile attempt.

What is just and unjust meld into one, no longer distinguishable by their core values. Its like trying to walk through quicksand. The more effort I put in, the faster I am bound to get stuck. Nevertheless, its not something I can let go. I must  tie up the loose ends. Put an end to these negative thoughts.

But how?

Perhaps by trying to be the “grown up”. Forgive and forget. Its the best possible solution to any conflict. Loosen that ego and there will be nothing to stop you from saying a simple 5 lettered word – sorry.

Its what I have learnt from my experiences and it is what works best, among other alternatives.