Once again, am posting the chords for a really old song. But I always think that for beginners who want an easy version to play – THIS HAS TO BE IT! When I was learning to play guitar there were just so many versions to play the song, it was mind boggling! Finally after a lot of research this is what I used to play the song. And it sounds close to perfect!










Chords used are – C G D Eminor

Verse – C G D D (8)
Chorus – C G D Em D
The chords for the verse are 2 beats each. And the whole thing is played 8 times.
The chords for the chorus are 1 beats each except for Em and D at the end which are only half beats.

Strumming Pattern – DDU UDU (verse)
All down strokes (for chorus)

Hope you enjoy! GO TAYLOR! 😀