World Anger Day.

Its so convenient to forget something you don’t want to remember.

On this World Anger Day, I was determined to not let anything ruin my mood and prove the day right by getting angry. “Easy peasy!” I thought, after all what could happen so bad as to bring down my bubbly, hyper nature. But what did I know, its going to turn out worse than I had ever considered. Everything has been going wrong since morning. One after the other issues are cropping up. Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed? Or perhaps the devil thought today is my turn to deal with problems and let loose hell hounds on me. Its like this day is jinxed, cursed. I mean, how could so many things go haywire in just one day? I have been waiting for Kutcher to jump out of a classroom and tell me I just got PUNKD. Alas! that did not happen. I guess its just not a good time for me. You know, with the whole stars-planets not being in my favour.

When I was told not to rely too much on other people, I didn’t pay any attention to the free advice I had been given. But guess what? I learnt it the hard way. In this world, if you don’t make an effort and establish a firm ground – nobody is going to turn around and ask of you. Nobody is going to be laying out options in front of you. But sometimes even making an effort doesn’t help. Then, its better to venture out by yourself and meet all the opportunities face to face.

Hypocrisy, selfishness, insecurity, jealousy, superiority – they are all at work here. Manipulating ones’ mind and transforming them into beings so unlike themselves. I am not a saint but I do try and see the positive side of a person than the negative. Some of my friends say that am being too sweet. It could be true, or maybe not. But then what is going wrong here?

Why should I have to explain myself just because others need a satisfactory answer? Why should I have to be too understanding when others don’t even stop to think for a second what I must be going through? I am tired of answering positively just so that they are happy and don’t feel bad. Now I think, I’ll just let ’em all stew.



What do you think?

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