Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Suspect List

With 28th August not that far off , I cant help but ponder over what the summer finale is going to reveal or rather, what its going to offer us PPL fans.
The pre-finale episode has got me all hyper and the excitement bubbling in my tummy refuses to die down. Every episode discloses a major part of the puzzle and yet! that is not enough. Every episode stops exactly at the climax and leaves us yearning for some more.
So I figured I might use the excitement to cook up a suspect list (As that is the fun part of every thriller/suspense story)
Lets see! Who do we have here (apart from Mona)….

1) Jenna  Marshall






Everyone knows Jenna has never been too fond of the PPL girls. Why wouldn’t she want to seek revenge on them for the torture that she had to undergo during Alisons reign. Plus she was there (in Noel Kahn’s cabin) the night Maya got murdered. Yes yes, I know, she had just arrived when Maya was caught from the front lawn. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t get somebody else to do the dirty work for her. All the lies, the taunts, the secrets that she is hiding definitely put her under the limelight.

2) Paige McCullers

She is definitely a new comer, who until yesterday was never the topic of discussion. I had not even thought about her being a potential suspect till the past 2 episodes. But everything that has been said about her, all the little little details do add up to make her look guilty enough (if not for murdering Maya, then for something else surely).  She detested Ali and she certainly wasn’t Maya’s biggest fan. The sneek peak for the midseason finale episode shows her threatening Spencer (and the others). Why would you be so keen on separating the 3  girls from Emily unless you had something to hide?

3) Lucas Gottesman

He has been such a fishy character always. I was a little hesitant to put him on this list because characters who are outrightly fishy from the beginning are often the innocent ones. It could be a misfortune, it could be that he is at the wrong place , wrong time. But something just doesn’t click right with him. Being called hermi (?) by Ali , being turned down by the prettiest girl in school could have all been catalysts which convinced him that getting back at these girls was the right thing to do. Plus he is a geek. So it could be that he does all the computer work for the leader of the A-team.

There is so much more about all of the above characters that puts them under suspicion. I have just mentioned the key reasons why they could be part of the A-team. Then there are bits of information about others, which raises a question mark but not enough evidence to put them on the list. Like why Ezra Fitz was in the Halloween party all those years ago but never mentioned a thing about it to Aria? He could have only been in the party if he knew someone right? So which acquaintance is he hiding?
Why was Melissa Hastings part of the video from Ali’s room? What is she covering behind a veil of secrets? Could she have abhorred Ali  so much that she decided to get rid of her?  Was she telling the truth about the Black Swan thing?

So many questions and so little answers! Just when I had thought they caught A – and all the answers would be unveiled – they made all this a very minute part of the bigger picture. Anyhow, I love PLL with all my heart. So a shout out to the writers and cast “LONG LIVE PLL!” Let the game of deception resume!



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